Indian Techies would See Fewer US Companies in this Placement Season

This year, American companies’ presence at India's campus placements will be noticeable due to absence.

Created On: Nov 21, 2013 17:40 IST

This year, American companies’ presence at India's campus placements will be noticeable due to absence.

Other than Facebook that is not stopping over any of the India’s’ IITs, most US based companies have no operations in India and neither they have registered themselves for recruiting in the technology schools of India.

In the last year’s recruitment season, Twitter offered huge salary in India, however, this season no trace Twitter is to be seen.

Slot Zero on 1 December is still to be the promising opening day of campus placements.

Several job aspirants informed that the last year’s issue of US visa became a huge concern; hence various American companies who earlier recruited in large numbers with offering huge salaries have now resolute to keep a bay from engineering colleges of India.

In the previous year, the annual allocation of 65,000 H1-B work visas were acquired quickly by job-immigrants, much before having degrees in hands, this made several to take unpaid leaves to work at the Indian offices of US companies' or flew to another nation for a year.

More Japanese firms such as Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Uhuru Software and Sony Japan are coming to IIT-Bombay than US based companies, informed Avijit Chaterjee, Chairman, IIT-Bombay's placement cell.

Besides, the falling economy has witnessed little decline as majority of most companies told that fewer vacancies are there to be filled.

Advisor Babu Viswanathan of IIT-Madras placement told to be cautioned as there is a probability of US companies of having a change of mind and might choose to flow to India in between the placement process.

After learning about comparing coming over for placements from Japan and other countries, students at IIT-Kanpur had a language course stretched the whole semester. To be prepared better for interviews Students tried to pick the Japanese language details of the culture of Japan.

The gaming companies of America such as Pocket Gems, Epic Systems, Rocket Fuel and Tower Research have agreed to come for placements.
Apart from gaming firms other US firms as Microsoft, Google, Oracle, Schlumberger have also registered, though chances are bleak of offering jobs to usual number of students and would be offered jobs in Indian offices only as informed by the placement committee.

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