Ira Singhal UPSC IAS Topper 2014 Rank 1 talks with

Ira Singhal, UPSC Civil Services Exam 2014 Topper, talks with about his perspective towards life and society.


Ira SinghalShe came and she conquered us all through her imagination, thoughts and plans for the future.  Ira Singhal is a lady with strong determination and pure heart. She is an inspiration to whole lot of people and rightly deserve the Rank 1 of UPSC IAS Exam. A very frank and energetic Ira Singhal shares her insights towards life, society and civil services.

Ira Singhal said, she always wanted to become a Doctor or a Civil Servant to serve the society and work for the development of nation. She is a very down to earth person who thinks empathetically and motivated to do Social Service throughout her life. Very patriotic by nature, she always wanted to serve the nation since her childhood. Not bothered by the power and money associated with an IAS, she wanted to be the focal point of the decision making process and wanted to shoulder the responsibility of improving the Demographic Conditions of the Society.


She believes that analysis of the facts and exploring the background of the events is the core of the preparation for the IAS Exam. She has a fond of reading everything which she came across and also has a very high reading speed. She covered each and every topic given in the Syllabus of IAS Main Exam from Books and various other sources such as Government websites, journals and the likes.

Educational Background and Previous Selection

A very talented Ira Singhal is an Engineer from Netaji Subhash Institute of Technology and an Alumni of FMS Delhi. She had joined the Indian Revenue Services (IRS Customs and Central Excise) in December 2014. She has a very sharp memory and grasps 80 % of the things in her first reading only.

Message to the Candidates

Ira Singhal says there is a life beyond the civil services also. No matter what happen in the civil services exam, life never stops. She also suggests that the candidates should not make this exam as their Prestige Issue and should see their life beyond civil services also in case of failures.
Moreover, she said do not expect anything from the question paper. Do not frame the expected topics for the Question Paper. So the Question Paper can never surprise you and the candidates can easily answer the questions without getting surprised or shocked.

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