Is there any provision of giving extra time to visually impaired candidates in SSC exam?

Details on the provision of extra time in SSC combined graduate level exam for the visually challenged

Created On: Aug 24, 2011 09:36 IST
Modified On: Jul 3, 2013 10:58 IST
QnA : SSC Exam
QnA : SSC Exam

A: The Visually Handicapped candidates will be allowed Extra Time in the SSC examination. Persons with visual Disability of less than forty percent will not be considered as visually handicapped persons and will not be eligible for assistance of a Scribe. One eyed candidates and partially blind candidates who are able to read the normal Question Paper set for all the candidates with or without magnifying glass and who wish to write/ indicate the answer with the help of Magnifying Glass will be allowed to use the Magnifying Glass in the Examination Hall and will not be entitled to a Scribe. Such candidates will have to bring their own Magnifying Glass.

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