Job Opportunities after B.Sc. Biotechnology

With increasing focus upon healthcare and agricultural sectors, the requirement of trained, qualified and expert biotechnology professionals has increased manifolds.

Created On: Nov 25, 2015 14:47 IST

B.Sc Biotechnology is a very popular undergraduate programme among science stream students. Being a relatively new stream within the Bio-sciences, the field of Biotechnology touches upon aspects of Chemistry, Physics and even Mathematics, making it a truly interdisciplinary subject. With increasing focus upon healthcare and agricultural sectors, the requirement of trained, qualified and expert biotechnology professionals has increased manifolds.

Several other sectors have also developed vacancies that are related to the field of biotechnology, which has made this field a very lucrative avenue in terms of job opportunities. Candidates confused about which path to choose after completing their B.Sc Biotechnology programme can refer the guide below to understand the type and kind of employment opportunities that await them.


Being a nascent bioscience domain, Biotechnology has tremendous scope of research in this field. Almost all the sectors which this subject touches upon, there is need for research and development; be it in industrial sectors like pharmaceutical, cosmetics and textile industry or more traditional fields like agriculture, animal husbandry and environmental conservation.

Public Sector / Government Jobs

Public Sector is probably the biggest recruiter of biotechnology professionals and B.Sc Biotechnology degree should earn you an entry level job at any of the medical, forensic or agriculture and animal care sectors. Some of the popular job profiles available for B.Sc in Biotechnology graduates include Research analyst, Forensic experts, Calibration Technician, Biostatistician, Clinical Research Manager, Scientific assistant and many others. In addition to this, BSc Biotechnology graduates can also find employment in food quality maintenance agencies in the government sector.

Pharmaceutical Industries

Being a bio-science related field, it is quite obvious that BSc Biotechnology graduates will find employment opportunities in the pharma industries. Within the pharmaceutical industries, biotech graduates are hired mainly for research and development of new drugs, tools and gadgets f. Some of them also join the sales and marketing division due to their technical prowess.

Health Care Sector

Biotechnology graduates are also in great demand in the healthcare sector and are mainly placed in research labs in private hospitals and medical facilities.

Environmental Conservation

For those among you who would like to take an off-beat career choice, BSc Biotechnology graduates can opt for a job in environmental conservation field. The field itself has come under the lens of both governmental agencies and private players with rising concerns over the impact of human actions/ behaviour on the environment and their adverse effects on the people.


The increasing interest and job opportunities in the field of Biotech has also led to simultaneous rise in the number of colleges offering biotechnology undergraduate and post graduate programmes. This means more need of trained and qualified teachers and professors in this domain. This makes academics and research, a very rewarding career choice for BSc Biotechnology graduates.

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