MBA in HR (Human Resource Management)

Human Resource Management is one of the most sought after specializations in an MBA Program. Read the article written by an expert for the right guidance on it.

Created On: Dec 20, 2012 17:52 IST
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What is MBA: Master of Business Administration is one of the most prestigious and sought degree in the world. It is awarded to students who have mastered the study of Business.  While perusing MBA you can specialize in one area in particular like any other degree.

What is MBA-HR: MBA in Human resource or HR is one of the specializations that students cater for. MBA in HR offers a perfect blend of high quality core curriculum and specialized Human resource curriculum.  The programme will help you learn to tackle employment issues and policies including diversity, mergers and acquisitions, labor market and policies that affect personnel decisions in the modern corporate environment.  A MBA in HR is an excellent way to show the employers that you have that potential to break into the management and administration of Human resource.

MBA in HR includes: While studying MBA in HR, students will go through the ground knowledge of Business HR Management via integrating the main functional areas through the application of strategic HR management. Additionally the students will study the business skills of leadership, communication, team work and decision making.

MBA in HR is usually a combination of general MBA programme in 1st year with a specialized training in human resource management like planning, recruitment, labor relation, mediation etc. The specialization in HR prepares graduates to incorporate the HR strategies into the overall plan of a company. HR is a department which is involved with internal clients or employees of the business house or a company.

MBA in HR focuses on the skills that are required to be effective organizational managers. The student pursuing MBA HR is taught the legal aspect of management and strategic human resource management. It makes a student expert in handling the essential components of companies operation like salary negotiation, employee retention, safety standards etc.

Scope of MBA in HR: HR Managers are in immense demand in public and private sector organizations. Every organization be it a financial, institutional, industrial require HR professionals. Thus, the scope of doing an MBA in Human Resource is quite huge as almost every company, irrespective of their size needs HR professionals in order to handle the man power of that organization.

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