MH-CET Logical and Verbal Reasoning Practice Questions Set-1

MH-CET Logical and Verbal Reasoning Practice questions Set-1: This practice set has 10 questions with their answers covering topics from the areas of Logical Reasoning. This Practice set includes the Questions as per the MH-CET Exam pattern and syllabus.


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MH CET Logical and Verbal Reasoning Practice Questions Set 1
MH CET Logical and Verbal Reasoning Practice Questions Set 1

Directions (1-2): Read the following information carefully and answer the questions that follow:

A group of six P, Q, R, S, T and U which includes a doctor, an engineer and a business man and their wives are sitting in a circular table. The Doctor, P is sitting to the right his wife Q, who is the sister of R. The Engineer is sitting opposite to his wife S and between his sister Q and the business man. Businessman is sitting to the right of his wife U.

1. Who is sitting opposite to the doctor?

a) Businessman

b) Engineer

c) Doctor’s brother-in-law

d) Engineer’s wife

e) None of these

2. Which couple is seated in between the Engineer and his wife?

a) Businessman and his wife

b) Doctor and his wife

c) Only the Businessman

d) Cannot be determined

e) None of these

In the question given below,  which one of the five answer figures should come after the problem figures, if the sequence were continued:


4. Out of the five given figures, four are similar in a certain way. One figure is not like the other four. Find out the figure which does not belong to the group, i.e., which does not share the common features/ characteristics with other four figures:

5. Which letter will come in place of question mark?

a) N
b) M
c) P
d) Q
e) None of these

6. Find out the alternative figure which contains figure (I) as its part.

7. Who are the females in the group?
a) C and E
b) D and G
c) D and F
d) A and G
e) None of these

8. Who is neither a doctor nor a sales professional among the following?
a) B
b) E
c) F
d) A
e) None of these

9. Which three of the following persons work for company CRISIL?
a) A, B and H
b) B, G and H
c) A, C and G
d) B, C and H
e) None of these
































In each of the following question some statements are given. On basis of the statements determine which conclusion/s is/are true.

10. Statements: Some P is T. Some T are S. All C are P. Some S is P.

a) All T are Ps.
b) Some Ps is C.
c) No T is C.
d) All of these follows
e) None of these

Explanation 2:

Explanation 3: In one step, the figure gets laterally inverted and one line segment is lost from the upper end of the right hand side portion of the figure. In the next step, the figure gets laterally inverted and one line segment is lost from the upper end of the left hand side portion of the figure.

Explanation 4: In each one of the figures except figure (b), three cups open towards the pentagon and two cups open outwards.

Explanation 5: Adding the three numbers in each square together gives the numerical value of the letter at the centre of each square.

Explanation 6:

Eight persons A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H work for three different companies namely Accenture, Biocon and CRISIL. Not more than three persons work for a company. There are two ladies in the group with different specializations and do not work for the same company. Among the others two works each in operations, research and Sales. One is an engineer and another is a doctor. No two similarly specialized people work together. Sales specialist F works for company Biocon and his friend A, a research expert works for company Accenture in which only two specialists work. C is an engineer and his sister works in company CRISIL. D is an operations specialist working in company Accenture whiles her friend G is a research specialist for company CRISIL. No lady is a Sales Specialist or a Doctor. Person H is an operations specialist and works with B who is a Sales specialist not for company Biocon.

Explanation 9: Company Person Sex ProfessionAccenture A M Research

Explanation 10:

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