MP Board Class 12 Mathematics Previous Years’ Question Papers with Important Preparation Tips

Download the MP Board Class 12 Mathematics previous year question papers from year 2015 to 2017. Get the source of important questions and know the board question paper pattern to make exam preparations easy and effective.

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MP Board Class 12 Maths Question Papers
MP Board Class 12 Maths Question Papers

In this article, we are providing the previous years’ question papers for MP Board Class 12 Mathematics from year 2015 to 2017. All these question papers will prove to be of great help while preparing for the class 12 Mathematics paper which is scheduled to be conducted on 23 March, 2019.

This set of question papers serves as a very important source to revise the important topics and gain an insight into the pattern of questions asked over the years. Practicing these papers will help students gain confidence over their learning. 

Find below the links to download the MP Board Class 12 Mathematics Question Papers of past years:

MP Board Class 12 Mathematics Question Paper 2015

MP Board Class 12 Mathematics Question Paper 2016

MP Board Class 12 Mathematics Question Paper 2017

Why students should solve the previous year question papers?

In order to write a Solving previous year papers is very crucial for students for the following significant reasons:

  • It helps to understand the pattern followed in the board exams. You get an idea of the weightage allotted to different topics so as to make a preparation strategy in accordance with the same.
  • It helps you understand what kind of questions are asked from each topic. There may be some topics from which conceptual questions are asked, while there may be others from which problem based questions are asked in exams. 
  • You may prepare the right plan for time management which you will follow on the exam day.
  • Knowing the pattern and format of the question paper in advance helps you in solving the paper smoothly on the main day, increasing your speed to write the paper.
  • Solving the previous year board exam papers helps to boost your confidence. Because if you are able to solve the questions that were actually asked in the previous years, you are obvious to feel well prepared for your exams as well.

MP Board Class 12th Mathematics Exam’s Answer sheets of meritorious students

Mathematics is considered as one of the toughest subjects by many students. However, this subject is also considered as the most scoring subject. In fact, one can easily score full marks in Maths easily as compared to other subjects. To make this possible, one needs to practice the concepts explained in the subject and make a strategic preparation to write the exam perfectly. For this, solving the previous years’ exam papers is considered to be the best practice which provides a collection of important questions and also gives an idea of the examination pattern. MP Board Class 12 Mathematics question papers given here will be quite helpful not only to understand the question paper format but to assess your preparedness for the final exams as well.

Some most essential preparation tips for Mathematics exam are:

  • Go through the latest syllabus: Carefully observe the topics dictated in the latest Mathematics syllabus for MP Board class 12 and check that you are not missing any conceptual topic for revision.
  • Familiarise the latest board question paper pattern: Go through the latest question paper pattern/blue print to have an idea of the format of the question papers so that you may easily make a plan to write the exam on the main day.

MP Board Class 12 Maths Model Question Paper/Blueprint

  • Practice a variety of problems: Solve more and more problems of different types so that you may acquaint with the usage of all formulae involved in class 12 Maths. 
  • Solve practice papers, sample papers and previous year question papers: Solve previous year papers, sample papers and practice papers to assess your preparation level and know the weak areas in which you need to put a little more efforts. It will also help to improve your speed and accuracy in solving the exam question paper.
  • Review errors in your answers: Practicing without reviewing your mistakes and correcting them can makes the entire process trivial. It’s important to review your work and understand where your problem-solving skills let you down. 

Top 7 Tricks to make Mathematics as easy as ABC

  • Follow the conventional methods for solving Maths problems: Don’t adopt new tricks or any shortcuts for solving questions. Traditional method of solving a problem which is being taught since decades is more convenient as new things take time to set into the brain and may leave you struck in between a process.

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