NCERT’s Know Your Aptitude Tool Will Help CBSE’s 9th and 10th Students to Choose Right Stream

NCERT has developed a tool for knowing the Aptitude of students of classes 9th and 10th Check complete details.

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NCERT’s “Know Your Aptitude” Tool
NCERT’s “Know Your Aptitude” Tool

NCERT has developed a tool for knowing the Aptitude of students of classes 9th and 10th. CBSE affiliated schools can download documents of Know Your Aptitude (KYA) from January 31, 2019, onwards (11:00 am) from the official website of CBSE i.e., As per the official notification, this tool will help students to choose subjects to be studied at senior secondary level

What is “Know Your Aptitude” tool and why it is important for students?

Students moving to the secondary stage of schooling (i.e., Class 11 and Class 12) need to some important decision such as choosing the right subject, which in turn decides the course of their career.

As per the official notification, this decision of students is influenced by a number of factors such as their interests, attitudes, motivation, personality traits, and special abilities known as aptitude.

Aptitude is thought of as a natural tendency, special ability, or capacity or cluster of abilities.

This natural tendency determines a person’s readiness to learn or acquire a skill or their suitability to a particular career. Information about aptitude is useful for students in seeking academic and or career guidance.

It is to be used keeping in view the students’ needs and their stage of education. The information about a student’s strengths and limitations would also help parents, teachers and the school administrators to extend support to the student while making such decisions. 

Keeping this in view, National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), New Delhi has developed a tool for Knowing the Aptitude of students of classes IX and X.

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How to access documents related to Know Your Aptitude (KYA) tool?

CBSE schools can access the following document online from a link which will be available on the official website of CBSE from 31 January 2019 onwards.

• KYA Guide for teachers

• KYA Technical Manual

• KYA Test Booklet

• KYA Answer Sheet

More details from the official circular:

Steps for accessing the KYA documents:

•Login using school id and password (used while filling up the LOC) through a link which will be made available on 31 January (earlier it was 29th January) 2019 on

This link shall be available from 31 January 2019 onwards. The tool may be administered on any convenient date on any working day for the students in classes IX or X. The administration of KYA tool in the school is voluntary. However, students, teachers and parents shall be immensely benefitted by knowing the aptitude of students.

•Download all four KYA documents and first go through the KYA- Guide for Teachers thoroughly to understand the modalities of administration of the tool, scoring and the interpretation. For understanding the background of test development, the Technical Manual may be seen. The document may be kept in the safe custody of the Principal of the school and must not be shared with anyone else.

Scoring, Interpretation of the score and guidance:

(a) Schools may measure the aptitude of children based on the scoring and as per instructions are given on page No.6 of KYA Guide for teachers.

(b) Interpretation of the scores can be made based on the details given on

page No. 7 of KYA Guide for teachers.

(c) Once you complete the scoring you may provide some details on the administration of the tool and scores of the students through a link which will be made available on 29th January 2019. Please note that no individual details are being taken by the Board. General information collected on the administration of the tools and scorings will help us in planning our academic programmes for the benefit of our students.

(d) The outcome of KYA is only indicative and schools need not depend on KYA scores for allocation of subjects at Sr. Secondary level.

If you have any query in the matter you may 

Important contact details:

In case of any issue, please contact Shri. Pramod Kumar T.K. Joint Secretary (Academics) on 011-23237780 or send an email to

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