NDA 2016: Medical Eligibility Test and Training norms

We will provide you the detailed information about the Medical eligibility test of NDA Exam 2016 and important training norms of NDA Academy.

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After the SSB results are declared, the candidates who are recommended have to appear before the medical board, where the medical tests and examinations are conducted. The Military Hospital, related to the Army, Navy or Air Force, usually takes about four or five days for completing the process and the candidates are then allowed to leave. Candidates are also advised to rectify minor defects / ailments in order to speed up finalization of a medical examination conducted at the Military Hospital after being recommended at the SSB.

Candidates are also allowed to make an appeal regarding the results of the medical examination. A review can be arranged through the guidance of the President of the medical board, according to the medical board procedures. This is in the case of appeals for review in the case of candidates who have been declared unfit after the medical tests. All unfit candidates can approach Appeal Medical Board (AMB) at one of the designated command hospitals of the candidate’s choice. The time period for getting AMB is 42 days. During this period, an unfit candidate with a temporary or treatable disability may become fit.”

After clearing all the obstacles to serving the nation next step is NDA training. Candidates need to be mentally and physically tough for the training process but if we look at some incidents of previous years they are shocking too.  Like second-year army cadet, Ajitesh Anuj Goel (19), of the National Defence Academy (NDA) collapsed and died during a routine night navigation training exercise  in 2011.  This is the third incident of its kind since 2009 when a cadet at the academy has died during the training activity. According to the statement, The training exposure focuses on technical map reading skills and to facilitate better supervision. While sources in the NDA have described the death as a `one off unfortunate incident', the fact remains that three cadets have lost their lives during training exercise in the last four years. Former army officers like Lt Col (Retd) Pradeep Brahmankar, who has been training youngsters to join the NDA, said, "The incident needs to be seen as a stray case and a coincidence. Even the best of the physically and mentally fit person can meet such fate. This should not be seen as any reflection on the training regimen at the academy." Physical training is a compulsory activity and all cadets have to go through it as part of their three-year course activity.

Before joining the Academy, a candidate has to agree in writing that:

•The candidate is not entitled to any compensation for injuries suffered in the training process or for any complications (such as deformity) or even death caused during the treatment for any injuries.
•If the candidate is dismissed, discharged or withdrawn from the commission because of his actions he will be liable to refund the whole or such portion of the cost of tuition, food, clothing and pay & allowances, received.

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