Parameters on which interviewers shortlist potential candidates

Looking up tips for interview preparations is good. But have you ever thought what parameters interviewers rate you on? Check out some of them here.

Parameters on which interviewers shortlist potential candidates
Parameters on which interviewers shortlist potential candidates

Interviews have become an integral part of a college students life. Even before they appear for the first-job interview they have already gone through a series of them. Whether it be applying for internships or part-time jobs they already have given their fair share of face to face interviews. Thus, having long shed that feeling of anxiety and nervousness while waiting outside the room or when faced with the interviewer. They know what to expect when they go in the interview room. Thus, reading on material about preparation tips for interviews is not of much use to them. But educating them on the parameters based on which the interviewers assess them can help them improve their interactions and leave a more positive impression on the interviewer. Here are some parameters based on which the interviewers rate potential candidates.  

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Skill Set Relevance

Before noticing anything else the interviewer will go through your resume or ask you as to what potential skills you possess that make you an ideal candidate for the job. It is important that you highlight the skills that you feel are essential for the work required by your employers. Tweak your resume and suit it to match the job description sent out by the company. Also, prepare yourself to answer any question that comes up regarding the nature of the work or any other technical details unique to your work profile. Don't forget to mention achievements or state task where you put those skills to use and achieved successful or desirable results.


Another thing that the employers look for in potential candidates is their enthusiasm towards the work profile. They need candidates with the positive attitude of 'Yes-I-Can.' People who are ready to learn and grow, someone who is willing to expand his knowledge base. Your body language should also indicate that you are excited to get on board with them and will give your 100% to the work. Try and get some background knowledge about the current project of the company. Analyze them and figure how could you add or contribute to the program and state it to the interviewers, it will help you stand out from the crowd and impress them immensely.  

Communication Skills

One of the first skill that an interviewer focuses on while conducting an interview is your communication skills. The professional world today relies a lot on networking and having good customer clients relations. And since it is the employees who are the companies face out in the market, employers are always on the outlook of people with good communication skills. Interviews are all about convincing your employers why you are the right person for the job and to do so you need to be able to communicate your strengths, your skill sets and how are they all relevant to the job profile. A lot of your communication skills are also demonstrated by your body language. Hence, maintaining a positive body language is also very essential when you go out for the interview. Some tips on positive body language are mentioned in the next point.

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Body Language

Your body language is the first thing that comes to the notice of your interviewer. For it starts communicating right from the moment you step foot in the interview room i.e. even before you start to speak. Even your handshake gives the interviewer a basic insight into your personality. For example, a weak handshake and lack of eye contact communicate your numerousness and feeling of insecurity. Whereas very firm handshake, on the other hand, expresses overconfidence and arrogance. It's best to have a firm, sincere handshake with a modest eye contact that expresses confidence and professionalism.   

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Compatibility for work environment

Of late a lot of interviewers have added another point of consideration when evaluating a candidate for the job i.e. 'their overall compatibility for the job.'  You might have all the technical skills and know-how required for the job but you could still be rejected by the interviewer. Reason? Your personality doesn't fit the work culture of the office. Be your natural self, don't be too conscious and try to hide your personality. Interviewers are interested to know your confidence level and sometimes even your sense of humor. It helps them determine how honest you were with your answers during your interview. 

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Now that you know what are the parameters on which the interviewers judge you, focus on leaving a positive impression on them by working out these points. Liked this article? You can also find other similar articles related to job interview tips in our dedicated section, Alternatively, you can also get such articles directly in your inbox by submitting your email id in the form given below.

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