Plinko Game Suddenly Available Online

Innovation in numerous fields of digital technology, including online payments safety, allowed the creation of the first internet gambling venues in the early 1990s.

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Jul 28, 2023, 18:27 IST
Plinko Game Suddenly Available Online
Plinko Game Suddenly Available Online

Innovation in numerous fields of digital technology, including online payments safety, allowed the creation of the first internet gambling venues in the early 1990s. And ever since then, innovation has been the main driving force behind the rapid development of online casinos.

Sometimes innovation brings entirely new games and gaming concepts into existence, but more often than not, as the case with the Plinko game demonstrates, innovation suddenly delivers a classic piece of entertainment into the hands of modern smartphone users, adapted by latest technology into the form of an online casino game.

The Plinko Games Origins

The vintage Plinko game debuted on January 3, 1983 on the CBS TV network as part of The Price Is Right game show.

The Plinko Games Origins

To play Plinko on TV, contestants dropped flat chips along the face of a wall of pegs; the pegs diverted the chip in random directions until it ended up in one of 9 pockets at the bottom of the wall, and the contestant won the prize written below the pocket.

According to the legend, the creators of the game named it like that because of the “plink, plink, plink” sound the chips make while bouncing off the pegs.

The peg wall-and-chips concept itself is much older and dates back to the Victorian era, when English scientist Sir Francis Galton invented the bean machine (a.k.a. the Galton board) and used it to demonstrate the workings of the laws of statistics.

The Plinko Games Origins

Plinko Game Online 

Just a few years ago, vintage Plinko got an unexpected ally in the face of crypto and blockchain technology and the new wave of provably fair gambling mini games they created.

A number of online spin-off games of classic Plinko spawned into existence, joining the peg wall-and-chip concept (or pins and balls) with the principles that guide the innovative gambling genre which is often called crash games.

These games are created in such a way that players are able to verify that the game outcomes are truly random and have not been manipulated in any way.

Plinko by Spribe

The Plinko title created by the Spribe studio is among the most popular versions of the game available at online casinos.

Players can adjust the number of pins (12, 14, or 14) and select balls of different colours (green, yellow, or red) that carry different levels of risk and winning potential. It is also possible to drop more balls before the first ball has reached the bottom pockets for a faster gameplay.

The game was released in January 2021 and allows maximum wins of up to 555x on a bet.

Turbo Plinko by Turbo Games

The Turbo Games studio has created a Plinko game where players can turbo up their betting speed by dropping multiple batches of up to 10 discs each at the same time, literally filling up the space with bouncing .

The game is naturally called Turbo Plinko and offers superior levels of adjustability. Players can not only determine the number of pins (from 8 to 16) and discs dropped in a batch (from 5 to 10), but can adjust the whole level of risk, also called volatility (low, medium, or high).

Why is Plinko so Popular?

Fast and dynamic, yet simple gameplay, light device resource and data requirements, provably fair outcomes, and all of that based on a gaming concept that has proven its strong appeal to players over several decades on the TV screen: it sounds like a recipe for guaranteed popularity.

Data on search volumes for “Plinko” originating from India illustrate this point. After four years of gradually rising interest, the last couple of months saw a hike reaching 6,600 monthly queries in May 2023.

Why is Plinko so Popular?

Mathematical Fun has a Bright Future

Digital technology and innovation have opened broad horizons for the creation of scientist Sir Francis Galton and people will keep having fun with the laws of mathematics for the foreseeable future.

Online Plinko games are equally suitable for focused gaming sessions and for a quick play between daily tasks or even while commuting to work, and this convenience adds more fuel to the fire.

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