RBI Grade ‘B’ Phase I Exam 2017: Financial Awareness Quiz

There will be 80 Multiple Choice question of General Awareness in RBI Grade B Phase I Exam 2017. Candidates can easily increase their overall score with the help of General Awareness section.

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GK Quiz for RBI Grade B Exam

The RBI Grade B officer’s exam for the year 2017 is scheduled to be held on 17 June 2017. This is one of the dream jobs for every banking aspirant. Here we are providing General awareness quiz to help you prepare better. Candidates who are preparing for other banking exams are also advised to solve the quiz.

1. The RBI’s scheme that facilities to convert up to half the loans held by corporate borrowers into equity or equity-like securities is known as-

a)      Indradhanush

b)      S4A

c)       Sathi-Money

d)      Saral

e)      Suvidha

 Ans : option (b)

 2. The NACH is a centralized clearing system launched by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). Expand NACH

a)      National Advance Clearing House

b)      National Advance Corporation House

c)       National Automated Corpoartion House

d)      National Automated Clearing House

e)      None of these

Ans : option (d)

 3. The Canada Pension Plan Investment Board received the RBI’s approval increase its stake beyond 5 precent to 10 per cent in

a)      Axis Bank

b)      Kotak Mahindra Bank

c)       IDFC Bank

d)      YES Bank

e)      ICICI Bank

Ans : option (b)


4. The Madhukar Gupta Committee was constituted to look into issues related to

a)      Removal of AFSPA

b)      One Rank One Pension

c)       India-Pakistan Border

d)      India-China Border

e)      India- Bangladesh Border

Ans : option (c)


5. The amount of a banknote is written on it in how many languages in addition to Hindi and English-

a)      11

b)      18

c)       17

d)      22

e)      None of these

Ans : option (c)


6. Which of the following types of banks are NOT allowed to provide credit facilities to their customers

a)      Small Banks

b)      Payments Banks

c)       Universal Banks

d)      Merchant Banks

e)      None of these


Ans : option (b)

 7. Masala Bonds are Indian rupee denominated bonds issued in offshore capital markets. The RBI has reduced the minimum tenure of such bonds that an Indian company can issue to

a)      One year

b)      Two year

c)       Three year

d)      Four year

e)      Five year

Ans : option (c)

 8. An FCCB is a type of convertible bond issued in a currency different than then issuer’s domestic currency. What is the full form of FCCB?

a)      Foreign Country Convertible Bond

b)      Foreign Currency Convertible Bond

c)       Foreign Costing Convertible Bond

d)      Foreign Counting Convertible Bond

e)      None of these


Ans : option (b)

9. The Reserve Bank of India uses qualitative measures for selective purposes. Which fi the following is NOT one of such purpose?

a)      Moral Suasion

b)      Rationing of Credit

c)       Consumer Credit Regulation

d)      Open Market Operations

e)      Direct Action

Ans : option (d)


10. Eleven Indian banks risk breaching prescribed capital adequacy framework prescribed for banks is commonly known as-

a)      SWIFT

b)      CAMELS

c)       BASEL III

d)      LIBOR

e)      MIBOR


Ans : option (c)

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