RRB Group D Exam 2018: Check Section-wise Memory Based Questions (17, 18 & 19 September)

Check questions asked in RRB Group D Exam 2018. With these questions, candidates preparing for Group D Exam 2018 will get a complete idea about the types and level of questions which are being asked in the exam.

RRB Group D Exam 2018: Check Section-wise Memory Based Questions Asked
RRB Group D Exam 2018: Check Section-wise Memory Based Questions Asked

Check questions asked in RRB Group D Exam 2018 (17, 18 & 19 September, All Slots). With these questions, candidates preparing for Group D Exam 2018 will get a complete idea about the types and level of questions which are being asked in the exam. These questions are also helpful for the candidates who are yet to appear for RRB Group D Exam 2018 or who will appear for this exam in future.

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RRB Group D Exam: 17 September, Shift 1

RRB Group D Exam: 17 September, Shift 2

RRB Group D Exam: 17 September, Shift 3

RRB Group D Exam: 18 September, Shift 1

RRB Group D Exam: 18 September, Shift 2

RRB Group D Exam: 18 September, Shift 3

RRB Group D Exam 19 September, Shift 1

RRB Group D Exam 19 September, Shift 2

RRB Group D Exam 19 September, Shift 3

Exam Pattern of RRB Group D Exam 2018

According to the latest exam pattern candidates need to attempt 100 questions in 90 minutes.  Section-wise detail is given below

Serial Number


Number of Questions





General Intelligence and Reasoning



General Science



General awareness & Current Affairs





Questions in the computer based online test were asked in any random order.

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RRB Group D Cut-off 2018 (Expected)

RRB Group D Exam: 17 September, Shift 1

General awareness & Current Affairs

• State which is the larger producer of clove?

• Best city in ease of living index 2018

• The gas which killed many people in Bhopal gas tragedy

• India's Cleanest Station

• CEO of Apple

• Who won Man Booker prize?

• 100th smart city in India

• Who was the son of Chandragupta Maurya?

• Who played the role of Alauddin Khilji in Padmavati movie?

• Who is the sports minister of India?

• Who is the governor general of Bihar?

• UEFA player of the year 2018?

• Who hosted Oscars 2018?

• Sonam Kapoor got the award for which movie?

• Who played the role of Alauddin khilji in Padmavat movie?

• Where was Oskar award held?

• Who got Noble Award for Literature?

• Who is the prime minister of Japan?

• Which movie got National Award 2018?

• Which place is known as Manchester of India?

• Who got Labour award?

• Who is the Governor of Jammu & Kashmir?

• Who is the brand ambassador of American Tourister?

• One question from Sagarmala project.

• Himayat Program is related to____

• Who is recently elected as the President of Venezuela?

• Who topped in the list of Forbes?

• Who got Manbooker Award 2018?

• Which is the best city to live in India?

• Which is the cleanest station in India?

• Which of the following is the 100th Smart City?

• Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan related to which party?

• When Human Rights Day celebrated?

General Science

• What is measured through Hydrometer?

• Limonite is an iron ore of ____

• What is the pH of a solution of NaCl?

• Lightest gas in the periodic table

• The chemical name of Chloroform

• Lux is a unit of

• Unit of Pressure

• How many ribs are there in man?

• Sound travels at a speed of 333 m/s in the air, thus, in 1 sec, a distance of 333 m is travelled by ____

• What is the ration of H2 and O2 in water

• Which among the following is warm blooded? (Frog, whale fish, pigeon, crocodile)

• Colour of iodine

• Unit of charge

• Atomic number of Sulphur

• H2SO4 is also known as

• Molecular mass of HNO3

• pH value of blood

• Bone-bone connective tissue

• Power house of body

• Where the heart is placed in human body?

• If a mass 10 Kg moves when velocity changes 4m/s to 8m/s. Find the work done


• If {(24)1/2}n =256 then find n.

• Square root of 961

• Question based on a3 + b3 + c3 ‒ 3abc =0

• Which one is correct (9/16) > (13/24), (9/16) < (13/24), (9/16 = 13/24)

• If v = 18 volt, q = 4, I =?

• Which day is on 21 January 1988?

• X have Rs. 25000 he spends 20% of the money on something and 30 % on other things so how much he left?

• What is the unit digit in 748 × 840 × 2384

• 60/75 is equivalent to 4/x then x =?

• Four bells ring after an interval of 4, 6, 8 and 14 seconds. They all ring together at 12 'o' clock. When will they ring again together?

• HCF of ratios

General Intelligence and Reasoning

• Choose odd one out from the following: 23, 79, 37, 87

• Whale: Water: : Horse: ?

• Pick odd one out? Crow, Duck, Monkey, Squirrel

• Compound interest rupees 60000 at the rate of 10% for 2 years (compounded half-yearly)

• Find the angle made by minute and hour needle in a clock at 6:45?

More questions will be updated here soon.

RRB Group D Exam: 17 September, Shift 2

General awareness & Current Affairs

• What is the term of office of members of Rajyasabha?

• BSE was established

• Who is the author of the book “A book of light”?

• Who were the winners of Banga Bibhushan award?

• Who is Women and child development minister?

• Best CM Award of 2017

• Who won the Oscar Film of the year 2018?

• Heart chamber in fish

• Polly Umrigar Award 2018

• Which country will host the ISSF World Shooting Championship 2019?

• What is the capital of Norway?

General Science

• The rise in sugar level is detected by ___cells

• Refractive Index

• One question related to Plant tissue for support.


• If the length and breadth of a rectangle are in the ratio 3:1 & the perimeter is 96, find the length? 36 cm

• A shopkeeper gets a profit of 19% after selling an article for Rs 595. What will be the profit % if the same article is sold at RS 475?

• 330 × 11 = 55 × __

• 158 : 196 : : 235 : __

General Intelligence and Reasoning

• Teacher : Class : :  Driver :  ____

• Day on 28 August 1982 ____

• More questions will be updated here soon.

RRB Group D Exam: 18 September, Shift 3

General awareness & Current Affairs

• Who is the Minister of Culture?

• Which city hosted the Global Entrepreneurship Summit for the first time in South Asia?

• Who has been re-elected as ICC President?

• Constituency of Conrad Sangma

• National level chess champion in the disabled category

• Official partner of hockey men's world cup 2018

• Hormones in plants help to bend towards sunlight

• Arogya 2017 held in?

• Konark sun temple built by

• GES 2017

General Science

• P = m g h

• Find the angle between force & displacement when no work is done?

• A particle completes 40 vibrations within 2.5 seconds. Calculate its frequency?

• Baking powder


• Half of HCF of 36 and 144

• Area of the triangle: 3 straight lines - x + y = 0, 3x = 5y, y = 3x ‒ 12.

• If cot4 α + cot2 α = 3.6 then, cosec4 α ‒ cosec2 α =?

General Intelligence and Reasoning

• Matter: Vacuum::Government: __Anarchy__

• More questions will be available here shortly.

RRB Group D Exam 18 September, Shift 1


• Find the Compound Interest on a principle is Rs.50,000 and rate is 12% for 6 months.

• sin 60o + cos 60o + cot 45o + sec 60o = ?

• LCM of 20, 28, 105, 108

• Ratio of HCF and LCM of 28 and 42

• What should be added to 1670 to make it a perfect square

• 50 gm is what percentage of 2 kilogm?

• A:B = 12:7, B:C=2:3 THEN FIND A:B:C

• odd one out - 123, 512, 1321, 1728

• Sum of first 50 odd numbers

• 5:130::6:?

General Intelligence and Reasoning

• What is the angle made by the hands of clock when the hands show 11:30

• A is 15 years and B will be 20 after 6 years. Find the present age difference between both.

• A goes 5 km east the 4 km north and 2 km west. Find the distance from starting point.

General Science

• Who invented Dynamite?

• Disease Minamata caused by ____

• Who discovered Rh factor?

• Where are white fibres present in our body?

• What type of plants grow in deserts - Xerophytes

• 1 HP - 746 Watt

• Longest bone in Human body

• Periodic Table invented by ____

• Warm blooded animal

• Chlorine used for

• Unit of Force

• Formula of kinetic energy

• Which is the halogen group

• Which is in audible range

• Chemical formula of Calcium Hydroxide

• Lightest gas - Helium

• Which part of eye is donated?

General Awareness & Current Affairs

• Slave Dynasty

• Who is the Deputy Governor of India?

• Who won Miss India 2018?

• Best actor award for Filmfare 2018?

• Who is CM of Jharkhand?

• Yuzvendra Chahal related to which sport?

• Where is Hussain Lake situated?

• Dadasaheb Phalke award

• Who is the author of black hill book?

RRB Group D Exam: 18 September, Shift 2


How many whole numbers are there in factors of 256?

Questions on Ratio and Proportion

Which is the biggest 4 digit number divisible by 14?

Find the largest fraction among: 3/4, 5/8, 7/9, 1/2?

2-3 questions form Profit and Loss

3 questions from Trigonometry

2 questions from Time and Work

General Awareness & Current Affairs

Rajiv Gandhi "Sadbhawana Award"

Founder of Paytm

Haridwar is placed on which river bank

British Parliamentary Award

Dirtiest Railway Station in India

Brand Ambassador of Road Safety Campaign

Brand Ambassador of Punjab National Bank

When was Goa captured by Portuguese

Who is the author of "I do what I do"

Who got the award for NABARD Award

Host of Big boss 11

PC Chandra Award

Capital of Mauritius

FIFA Golden Boot Award 2018

General Science

Who discovered Hydrogen?

What is the Full form the LPG?

Who founded Modern Periodic Table?

Smallest bone in the body

Fleming's Rule

Ohm's Law

When potential energy is equal to 480 joule, mass is equal to 6 kg and acceleration due to gravity 10m/s2 find the height.

Where is insulin produced in human body?

pH value of Wine

Molecular mass of Oxygen

General Intelligence and Reasoning

E H K N ?


Water image of 11:30

What is the minimum gap between leap years? - 4 years

RRB Group D Exam: 18 September, Shift 3


LCM of 48 and 145: 69 and 60

Find the height of a tower if ABC is a triangle of base 30 m and apex angle 30 degree.

A right angled triangle having sides 6, 8 and 10 what is the area of the outer circle to this triangle.

If a + b + c=2 s, find the value of (s ‒ a) + (s ‒ b) + (s ‒ c) ‒ (a + b + c).

If CP = 320, SP=400, find the profit %.

Find the mode of the given data: 2,6,4,3,5,0,3,2,1,3,2,3.

Square root of 2401

If an amount doubles itself in 5 years under simple interest, then in how many years will it be 10 times.

If 5 men can do a work in 20 days, and 10 women can do the work in 20 days. In how many days will 3 men and 4 women do the same work?

General Intelligence and Reasoning

Calendar of 2020 will repeat in the year

What will be the angle produced by hands of clock at 3:56?

If 50:150 :: 25:

General Science

What is the formula of Latent Heat?

Major components of Gobar Gas

Unit of Energy

What is Gall Bladder?

Eka Aluminium was renamed to?

From which Monkey Rh factor arrived?

Who is the father of Genetics?

What vaccination is used for TB?

What is the chemical name of D2O?

What is the power of Lens?

What is the function of Central Dogma?

What is the charge of Histone protein?

What is the structure of Chromosome?

Which colour deviates the most?

General Awareness & Current Affairs

Temple is called the Black Pagoda

Wood-fossil Park located

Head of the Planning commission

World Food Prize

Under 17 World FIFA?

Director of BMRC

Former name of Atal Express?

CM of Jharkhand?

CM of Manipur

Gandhi-Sagar Dam located?

PM Arogya Yojna

MD/Chairman of NALCO

Author of 'My journey from Marxism-Leninism

Name of the Bhallaldev in movie Bahubali

Best actress in IIFA Awards

45th CJI

RRB Group D Exam 19 September, Slot 1

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RRB Group D Exam 19 September, Slot 2

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RRB Group D Exam 19 September, Slot 3

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