Tips for getting desired salary hike in 2019

Promotion cycle is one of the most awaited times of the year, wherein employees expect a good salary raise and a worthy promotion.

salary raise
salary raise

Salary hike is perhaps one of the best feelings in the world. Really it boils down to your boss essentially saying, “You’ve done an excellent job and deserve to be compensated.”

Promotion cycle is one of the most awaited times of the year, wherein employees expect a good salary raise and a worthy promotion. A good raise and promotion holds potential to lit up dull faces of taskforce, whereas a poor salary hike is demotivating. The wave of disappointment brings along resigning and news of colleagues switching to new avenues offering hefty pay checks. On the other hand, there is a proportion of workforce that remains committed to the current job. Thanks to other perks and policies at workplace that helps in overcoming the pain of low salary.

While it might appear a tough call to ask for a good salary raise, here we bring for you a jovial and quirky tip that will enable you secure a decent raise from your boss during this promotion cycle. Take a look at the minion and his excuse of getting a good raise.

Career Counseling

Interestingly, apart from these 3 companies, you might be facing wrath of many more companies that are after your life asking for EMIs, instalments and investments. Go for these tips and bargain an exceptional salary hike from your boss:


Do hard work and achieve your targets

There is no doubt about the fact that “actions speak louder than words”. In a way, organisations value those employees more, who work hard and believe in achieving results. Instead of offering suggestions to improvise the projects and deadline, focus on generating the results and meet timely deadlines. Getting a wonderful salary hike along with promotion would be a cakewalk. Put maximal efforts to meet the expectations of your manager and work as per agreed terms and conditions. Stay on cordial terms with your boss and avoid any scope of conflicts. This will ensure that your productivity is not hampered. A calm mind is better focused at work.

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Make Positive references for yourself

References from your manager and other relevant people related to your work profile count, especially at the time of appraisal. During the hiring process as well, HR personnel rely upon references from your previous job before they hire you. In case your organization has a mechanism to appraise you for the good work, maintain a chronological record of achievements. When you are not being given the expected salary hike, discuss and bring forth those recommendations in picture, to justify your performance. When you work exceptionally well, managers of other departments also vote in to absorb you in their team. Hence, bank upon your skill and convert them into monetary terms.

Take a look at the cartoon where an employee fails to trade for a good appraisal. Hopefully you don’t get stuck in any such situation.


Move out of your comfort zone

Don’t cringe on your responsibilities; rather move out of your comfort zone to eschew extra responsibilities. This will not only break monotony of routine task but will also help you earn extra marks during the appraisal. Volunteer for tasks in which no one shows any interest. Be a good team player! When one of your team members is on leave, offer to make up for their work in to achieve timely deadline. Your manager will surely notice your outreaching efforts and will reward you accordingly.



Embrace added responsibility, if time permits

It might sound hard in the beginning, but it is a blessing in disguise. Take up the load of tasks that are beyond your KRA counts in the long run. Especially when the organisation is running out of right human resource, your contribution will let you shine as a valuable asset for the workplace. The HR department won’t let you quit easily. They might not provide you the expected raise, but you can honestly bargain for decent raise in salary. Further, there is a band that company sets aside for each employee. You can enquire for the same and can ask for your market value that is being offered outside.

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You might be promoted without any raise in the salary. Don’t be disheartened at this hour. You can ask for a raise from the HR department and discuss this issue with your boss. Both designation and salary have their own charm. Neglecting one to achieve the other is not a wise men’s game. Put your best foot forward to strike a right balance between both and don’t quit in haste.



Accept  whatever you receive without complaint

It is not necessary that the organisation will offer you a hike as per your expectations. If you have chosen an appropriate time to ask a raise and have built your case for a raise with specific evidence of your great work, you should expect your manager to give your proposal serious consideration.But If you expect 10 per cent hike, they might be in a position to offer you only 6 per cent. Don’t be headstrong at that moment. Talk to your boss and the concerned colleagues or seniors who are in change of approving the appraisal.  Check if the organisation has a policy or you hold possibility of receiving a mid-year appraisal. Negotiate the terms and draft a letter that talks about your accomplishments. Send across the letter to the concerned parties and seek justification on poor appraisal. Don’t give up in the beginning. Hold on to the reins and hope high. It’s your reward for the hard work that helped organisation grow in leaps and bounds.

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Except these you can give some reasons before your seniors or manager for your salary hikes. Use specific, recent accomplishments and the value you’ve brought to the organization as reasons for why you deserve the salary you’re proposing. Calculate your value with data and awards so you can demonstrate more tangibly how you have  contributed to your company’s bottom line, put your points for your justification for a raise in a logical, compelling way. Respond to questions from your manager about your raise logically and tactfully to further justify your request. If you would be able to do these all things no doubt you will get your desired Salary.

Get ready to ask for a good appraisal this season! Share this article with your friends who are waiting a good hike this year. You can also share tips that can help others get a good appraisal and promotion. For more interesting updates and trivia, keep visiting

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