5 mistakes you should never do at new workplace

Avoid these 5 mistakes when you join a new workplace and gel in with your colleagues without getting too much noticed.

5 mistakes you should never do at new workplace
5 mistakes you should never do at new workplace

One thing that you can’t escape at the new workplace is: “getting noticed”. However hard you try, but all the eyeballs will follow you for the good number of days. You will become the talk of the town and one single mistake will become the topic of interest for your colleagues.

So why give anyone a chance to poke fun at you. Here are a few tips that will save you from potential embarrassment. You can follow these tips and avoid being under observation by various colleagues and seniors at the workplace:

1. Don’t take advantage of flexi-time facility

When you enter a new workplace, everyone has their eyes on you. They monitor your performance and dedication towards the work. Your colleagues are least interested to know about your personal priorities. Achieving results is not the only hallmark of your performance; your presence also matters. If you start taking undue advantage of the flexi-time facility in the initial months of your joining, the HR department and your reporting manager might not take interest in confirming you after the probation period gets completed. So make sure that you are available on your desk during the official hours to assure everyone about your sincerity and commitment towards the organisation.

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2. Don’t boast about your last job

Agree to it or not, but no one likes to listen about your last organisation especially when you have all the rosy facts to share, your colleagues might end up questioning you as to why you left the place if it offered several perks. You will be the one in trouble. You can surely talk about the learning that you gained in your last profile; but not the unnecessary facts that demean your current workplace.

3. Don’t criticise about everything

Joining a new place is indeed challenging and requires huge patience. You are bound to accept the change. If you do not accept the change, don’t criticise. It will only dampen your image. Culture of your organisation won’t change merely for one person. If some task or practise is amiss, your co-workers will collectively raise voice against it. If you keep loitering around the place, criticising people, practises and policies, you might face termination sooner or later.

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4. Don’t share too many details of your personal life

This is true! Sharing details of your personal life is not a good sign unless you are not being asked. Whether your mother works in a government department and you go to parties every weekend is not a matter of concern for anyone. Don’t brag about your personal life openly. Embrace the workplace with its challenges and opportunity and blend in it. This will help you understand your colleagues and peers easily. 

5. Don’t turn down company of colleagues every time

Honestly speaking, when your colleagues invite you during the lunch and tea time, they are willing to know about you. Do not turn down their offer because of work all the time. Make time for them too. Your office is your second family and your juniors and seniors are an integral part of this family. Get to know the people around you and enjoy your day at work.

It is easy to blend with the new people and culture. Those who dread the change can also mingle in the new environment given that they avoid committing silly mistakes. Often this casualness is the reason that an individual stands out among the group of like-minded people. So avoid any embarrassing situation and gel well with your colleagues in the new workplace.

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