Solved GBO January 2012 Question Paper: General Knowledge

Test your preparation with the fully solved General Knowledge section from Global Business Operation January 2012 question paper here. It has 40 questions in it on all the recent topics in General Awareness GBO is conducted by SRCC (Delhi University) every year.

Feb 27, 2013 17:58 IST

Sri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC) is a very prestigious college of Delhi University. It conducts its own MBA Entrance Examination by the name of Global Business Operations every year. It has an intake of 40 seats. Find here the Solved General Knowledge section from Global Business Operation January 2012 Exam. It consists of 40 questions on the General Awareness Exam.

1. In which of the following States is India’s maximum number of mines producing minerals (excluding minor minerals, petroleum (crude), natural gas and atomic minerals) located?

1) Madhya Pradesh
2) Gujarat
3) Jharkhand
4) Andhra Pradesh

2. Economic and Social Commission for Asia and Pacific (Escape) is an organization under which of the following?

1) International Monetary Fund
2) World Economic Forum
3) United Nations
4) World Bank

3. Who has written the biography of the Congress leader Sonia Gandhi, 'Sonia Gandhi: An Extra-ordinary Life, An Indian Destiny'?

1) Rani Singh
2) Anjali Joseph
3) Ran. Dasgupta
4) Moni Mohsri

4. Who among the following has won the 26th Indira Gandhi Award for National Integration ?

1) Balraj Puri
2) Shyam Benegal
3) Mohan Dharia
4) Javed Akhtar

5. Article, 32 of the Indian Constitution stands for

1) Right to Constitutional Remedies
2) Right against Exploitation
3) Right to Religion
4) Right to Equality


Solved GBO January 2012 Question Paper : General Knowledge

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