SSC MTS exam English study material: Sentence Completion-I

In this article, we have prepared a set of 10 questions on sentence completion with explanations. So, go through each one of them and understand the grammar/ vocabulary usage.

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ssc mts sentence completion
ssc mts sentence completion

Through SSC MTS exam, thousands of candidates are recruited in various ministries and departments for `doing multi-tasking works including driving, office assistance, gardening, etc. This exam is comprised of four subjects as other SSC exams have and English language & comprehension is one of them. A total of 25 questions are asked from English language. Sentence completion is among the most important section. The difficulty level of these questions is very easy for this exam.
Hence, In this article, we have prepared a set of 10 questions on sentence completion with explanations. So, go through each one of them and understand the grammar/ vocabulary usage.

SSC MTS exam study material: Sentence completion

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Directions: In each of the following questions, a sentence is given with a blank to be filled with an appropriate word. Four alternatives are given for each question. Choose the best one.

1. Sunita comes  ………a noble family.
a. Out of
b. From
c. Off
d. Of
‘Out of’ is used to select from a collection, off is used to set thing/person apart and of is used generally, when a possession occur/ establish. ‘From’ is used to establish connection with collective nouns.

2. Man cannot live …………..bread alone.
a. With
b. By
c. Without
d. Except
With, without, and except do not fulfill the meaning of the sentence.

3. We will be late if we………………not depart immediately.
a. Shall
b. Will
c. Do
d. Did

‘if’ is used here as connective and the verb form of the second sentence should be according to the first sentence. If first sentence is in present/future tense,then the second sentence should be in present/future tense. ‘will/shall’ cannot be used because it will contradict the meaning of sentence.

4. They found Ravi well qualified…………….the post.
a. To
b. About
c. Of
d. For
Anybody will be well qualified for a post instead of ‘to post’/’about post’/’of post’.

5. It will be better to send the patient……….the doctor.
a. For
b. With
c. To
d. In
‘to‘ is used, when something is sent to a definite place like Dr. Rajesh, New Delhi. ‘With/In’ is completely unsuitable for the sentence formation. ‘For’ make sense as patient is sent to anonymous doctor.

6. …………knowledge is a dangerous thing.
a. Little
b. Less
c. Reasonable
d. A little
‘Less’  is appropriately used to compare two things. Reasonable does not fulfill the intention of the speaker in the sentence. Little is the most suitable word here. However, it cannot be without ‘a/the’. Hence, ‘A Little’ is the most appropriate word here.

7. Rajat is definitely…………
a. Wrong
b. In a wrong
c. In the wrong
d. In wrong
‘wrong / in a wrong/ in wrong’ must be following by a situation/place/etc. It cannot be used here alone. While, ‘the wrong’ represents any wrong situation/thing/place/etc. here, ‘the’ makes a difference as it makes in ‘English’ and ‘The English’.

8. I am convinced…………………his innocence.
a. of
b. With
c. By
d. From
‘Convinced of’ is used, when you are completely sure about something.

9. Put your signature…………blue ink.
a. With
b. By
c. In
d. Through
‘in’ preposition is used to express while doing something.

10. ……… the way to the railway station?
a. Where
b. What
c. How
d. Which
The interrogative word ‘Which’ is used, when you have a choice in the situation. There can be many ways to reach the station and one is to choose. Hence, This will be the correct word to use here.

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