Tips for a safe and healthy Holi in College

Follow this simple tips and tricks to safeguard yourself from the harmful effects of syenthetic holi colors.

Created On: Mar 1, 2018 10:23 IST
Tips for a safe and healthy Holi in College
Tips for a safe and healthy Holi in College

Holi, the festival of colors is just a day away and the college campuses around the country shall soon be covered in colorful hues if not already. Although a lot of students might head home during the Holi break it still wouldn't prevent them from smearing their college buddies in the Holi colors even if it's the day before the festival. Singing, dancing, mischief and drenching one another in bucket loads of water can be a lot of fun but sometimes it also leads to unpleasant endings.

Of late a lot of people are seen complaining of skin rashes, eye allergies and even discoloration of their hair after Holi. The main reason for that are chemical and industrial dyes that have replaced the traditionally made colors from herbs and spring flowers most of which had therapeutic values. These artificially made colors often lead to serious skin problems such as abrasion, irritation, itching, rashes, eczema and dryness etc.

So, if you are planning to play holi with friends in college campus or even at home for that matter we have complied in this article a list of some safe measures for you to ensure a healthy and safe Holi.

Maintain a safe distance from the Holi bonfire

First of all if you are planning to and watch the Bonfire that is lit a night before Holi then make sure that you are a safe distance from it.

Cover Your Skin

Our skin is most prone to harm from the synthetic Holi colors as they often contain ingredients like lead oxide, mercury sulfide, aluminium bromide, copper sulfate and such in different colors. Also, our is the largest organ of our body. And since is quite easy for these chemicals to penetrate through our skin its imperative that we cover every exposed part of our skin in protective layers. Best option is to wear clothes on as much of your body as possible.   

Use Homemade Colors or Herbal Colors

One can easily make homemade colors for example, you can make yellow color from turmeric power or marigold flowers. For college students with no access to such things they can buy herbal formulations available in market. Try to make use of light colors as they easy to wash off and also look good. Dark colors such as that of purple, green and others are quite difficult to wash off and also more likely to contain harmful elements.

Apply Moisturizing lotion or Oil before going out to play

As mentioned in the previous point your skin is that largest organ of your and more prone to the harmful effects of synthetic colors than any other body part. But not every part of your body can be covered in clothes. Some parts of it will be exposed such as that of your face, arms etc. To protect them make sure that you apply generous amounts of moisturizing lotions or better yet oil on any exposed part of your skin. The main reason for it being they will form a protective layer between your skin and the colors preventing them from penetrating the skin. You could also make use of waterproof sunscreen to protect your skin form sun rays.

Cover Your Hair

A lot of people are seen complaining about damage to scalp and their hair after playing Holi. This is because the our hair when exposed to synthetic colors turn brittle, frizzy and extremely dry. It's important that you cover your hair just as you do with your skin. The best way to do so is by oiling your scalp and hair and apply generous amounts of it. To add extra protect after that you can wear a cap before heading out to play.

Protect Your Eyes

Just like skin our eyes also are highly prone to damage if the synthetic colours enter them. Wear sunglasses to protect water from entering your eyes. And if you make use of contact lenses then remember to take them off before you go out to play. Also, if by any chance the color or colored water enters your eyes immediately wash your eyes with cold water. You could also make use of lubricant eye drop to prevent dryness from occurring in your eyes.

Don't make use of harsh soaps

People often make use of harsh soaps to get rid of the color stains on their skin after playing Holi. It's highly advised against. Make use of mild shampoos and soap bars also don't forget to apply conditioner after shampooing your hair. And certainly don't make use of any kinds of spirits or other such liquids to get rid of color stains as they  will further dry the skin.

Avoid Drinking Bhang

Bhang is like the official drink of the Holi festival and a lot of youngsters also drink it for fun. But if consumed in large quantity bhang can lead to increased blood pressure and a spike in the heart rate. So, be careful to drink it in moderate quantities and try not to mix it with alcohol.

Drink Lots of Water

Although Holi is festival of colours and spill great loads of water on one another it is important that we keep drinking clean water at regular intervals. For one it keeps our body hydrated and secondly it helps our body get rid of toxins.

Avoid using fingers to eat

Holi is also the festival of some amazing delicacies like 'gunjiya' but make sure that you avoid making use of your finger to eat. As you risk ingesting these synthetic chemicals along with the food. Also avoid drinks that are too cold as this is the changing weather and you are more prone to catching seasonal cold.

Replenish and Rejuvenate your skin after playing holi

It's very important not just to shield yourself from the harmful effects of the synthetic colors but also to pamper your skin after playing Holi. You can make use of homemade face packs or also good moisturizers to replenish and rejuvenate your skin in the days after the festival to prevent skin drying or any form of rashes and irritation. You could also opt for a oil massage and drink plenty of water to hydrate your body. Also, make sure to have good amount of rest after playing Holi.

To conclude,

Hope these above mentioned tips will help you in ensuring a safe and healthy Holi in your college. Make sure you follow through the advise to protect your skin from developing any kinds of problems. And shall you feel irritation or see any other reaction on your skin from the colors make sure to visit a dermatologist at the soon as possible. For much such articles on campus life please visit,

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