UGC NET / JRF Sociology Question Paper– II: June 2005

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Dec 6, 2012 12:17 IST
facebook IconTwitter IconWhatsapp Icon provides questions from the Sociology Question Paper (June 2005) for the benefit of the aspirants preparing for UGC NET/ JRF/ SLET recruitment exams.

1.“Mind, Self and Society" is authored by

(A) Cooley

(B) Parsons

(C) Gil. Mead

(D) Margaret Mead

2. The concept of role in sociology refers to:

(A) positional aspect of the individual

(B) static aspect of the position

(C) behavioural component of status

(D) normative aspect of behaviour

3. Who among the following propounded the idea that conflict is endemic to imperatively co-ordinated associations ?

(A) Karl Marx

(B) Lewis Coser

(C) Ralph Dahrendorf

(D) Max Weber

4. Mechanical solidarity develops out of

(A) likeness

(B) differences

(C) hatred

(D) love

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