What is up-skilling and why is it important for your career growth?

Worried about the pace of your career growth? You might want to upskill yourself. Know what up-skilling is and why it is important for your career growth?

Career Growth
Career Growth

For a working professional, especially one who is working in the competitive Indian job market, one of the biggest concerns would be their career growth. Despite all the hard work of getting a degree and fighting hard to win a job interview, when it comes to career growth, many young professionals are quite unsatisfied with their current organizations.

If you are also wondering, how can you pick-up the pace of your career growth and plan for a bright and lucrative professional future ahead. The answer lies in one single word i.e. up-skilling. To know and understand what is up-skilling and why it is important for your career growth, please read on.

What is up-skilling?

Up-skilling is a term coined by corporate gurus and HR managers to define the need to process of reskilling the employees with new and innovative skills and qualities that are in line with the dynamic changes that industries go through today.

Up skilling can involve developing your current skillset or exploring a new domain or picking up qualities and expertise that can help you pick a new or alternative career path. But irrespective of the path you choose, there is no denying that up-skilling is going to determine the pace at which you grow in your professional career. While a few things are learnt on the job or with experience, up-skilling differs from this a little as it widens the horizon to learn skills that are not limited to only your sphere of work.

Learn → De-learnRelearn

The key aspect when it comes to up-skilling is the success mantra of Learn à De-learnàRelearn. What this means in simple terms is that, anyone who is working in a professional environment would have certain skills and the way of working. However, the dynamic nature of the businesses today compels employees to change the way they work and the skills that are required to do the work as per the need of the organization.

In order to achieve this, working professionals have to undergo the process of de-learning the skills and the processes they have internalized earlier. Along with this, the training for relearning of new skills and the way work is done also has to happen.

Take for instance, the IT sector. Employees working in the IT sector have to deal with newer challenges like AI and automation, which they didn’t learn during their college studies or even during the initial phases of their work-life. But, because they are the need of today, they have to pick up these skills to be relevant in the industry and it has to be done in a seamless manner. Similarly, once the trend of AI and automation trend fizzles out, there would be something new that IT professionals would have to skill themselves with.

Rising Demand for Generalists

Another interesting aspect that can be seen in the corporate world, thanks to the trend of up-skilling, is the rising demand for generalists. Gone are the days when companies use to look for and hire specialists or people trained to do only one single job or task. Today, organizations are more open to hiring generalists, who have the ability to follow the mantra of Learn à De-learnàRelearn. This trend can be seen especially in service sector where companies are now looking for quick learners who can be trained or skilled in new areas or multiple domains such as public policy, content writing and crisis management. So, if you thought that merely sharpening only one arrow in your quiver of skills would be enough to make it big in the professional world, it is time you correct yourself and make the necessary amends.

Not the end of the road for Specialists

Just because the demand for generalists is on the rise doesn’t mean that it is end of the road for specialist professionals. Being a generalist doesn’t mean that you should abandon your commitment to become knowledgeable and specialize in the field that you are passionate about. The need of the day is generalising specialists or specialist professionals who can up-skill themselves to learn additional skills and take up additional responsibilities within their organizations. Up-skilling will help you to become a professional with relevant skills that will help you perform better in your job and ultimately carve out a career path to climb the corporate ladder faster.

To sum up

Up skilling is going to be buzzword in the corporate world in the foreseeable future, enabling young professionals to up their game when it comes to fast-tracking their career growth. If you are a professional who is already working or a fresher taking up job, be ready to adapt to the principle of Learn → De-learn→Relearn. This will enable to you take your career to new heights in a short time span. Do share this article with your friends and colleagues to make them aware of this new trend of up-skilling. For more interesting articles related to office life and professional world, please visit www.jagranjosh.com/jobs.

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