Why should colleges focus on Social Sensitization of Students?

Unlike what is believed, the life of a student is not only about the grades, degrees and passing the examinations.

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Unlike what is believed, the life of a student is not only about the grades, degrees and passing the examinations. It's something different. Students who are socially aware realize that one of their prime responsibilities is to serve the society they are a part of. Therefore, it is very important for colleges and universities to imbibe a basic sense of social responsibility and sensitize students to social causes and issues, so that they are not just efficient inside the class but also act responsibly outside of it. Social responsibility means maintaining equilibrium between various sectors of the society, economically and otherwise. It also means contributing towards environmental welfare, which is crucial to our survival.

Why it is important to teach social responsibility to students?

Positivity in environment

When colleges exhibit philanthropic behaviour, they are more likely to provide students with a positive environment for understanding of the issues concerning the society . Consequently, students feel engaged and productive when they walk into work each day. Instilling a strong culture of corporate social responsibility within every student from the top down will help to create a positive and productive environment where they can thrive. Colleges that care about the lives of people outside the walls of their businesses are more likely to create a positive environment.

Promotion Of Individual Philanthropy
When students notice that the college where they study is involved in charitable endeavors, they play follow the leader and begin to engage in their own philanthropic activities. If a college encourages group volunteerism and matches donations to nonprofits with a matching gift program, a student is more likely to take advantage of those programs and become more individually philanthropically minded. Without the strong sense of CSR that a college should adopt, students are less likely to branch out themselves and serve the community with monetary donations and volunteer efforts.

Why should colleges focus on Social Sensitization of StudentsMathura based GLA University, follows the motto of 'giving back to the society' which is clearly reflected in the way the university educates and teaches their students. The focus of GLA University is not merely upon the academics but on the holistic or overall development of the students. This essentially means mental, physical and even social development of students. The university lays prime importance in the development of socially aware and sensitized students who are ready to contribute to social and national causes in their own capacities.

In this regard, over the years several CSR activities have been successfully conducted and continue to be conducted at GLA University.

Why should colleges focus on Social Sensitization of StudentsBe it helping the underprivileged children or getting involved in cleaning activities or even sharing expertise with school children or even spreading health awareness, GLA feels fortunate to be able to make its humble contribution in all these social causes.

The following are the five primary social initiatives run by GLA University:

  • PraYaas
  • National Service Scheme Cell
  • Social Awareness by Department of education
  • Udaan
  • Ujjwal Braj

Here is a glimpse of what is the aim of these social initiatives:


A social initiative of GLA University started in 2014 to help school students and teachers by conducting health awareness based, motivational and educative activities

National Service Scheme Cell

GLA University actively participates in what is popularly known as NSS, the scheme that was launched in Mahatma Gandhi Centenary year, 1969 and aims at developing student’s personality through community service


Social Awareness by Department of education

The department of education at GLA University actively conducts activities from time to time in order to spread social awareness about issues like child abuse, illiteracy, alcoholism, corruption etc.


A social group in GLA University started by students of GLA University in 2012 aims at teaching and helping underprivileged students

Ujjwal Braj

A group of students at GLA University that conducts cleaning activities in areas adjoining Goverdhan hill from time to time. The first cleaning activity took place in 2015

These are some of the ways in which GLA University attempts to shape the attitude of the students towards becoming a conscientious citizen while excelling at academics, so that they grow into people who think beyond personal benefits and think about the less fortunate sections of the society and the environment as well.

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