Brain Teaser for Testing Your IQ: Guess which Glass has more Water in 11 secs!

Brain Teaser for Testing Your IQ: In this puzzle, try to identify the glass which contains the maximum water. Can you solve this brain teaser in 11 Seconds?
Brain Teaser for Testing Your IQ
Brain Teaser for Testing Your IQ

Brain Teaser for Testing Your IQ: If you enjoy solving analytical puzzles and games, then this brain teaser is for you. This brain riddle is a fun IQ Test that will help in assessing your Intelligence Level. There are many kinds of brain teasers that helps in testing your intelligence based on your decision for any problem. While solving these, you need to analyze a little differently and out of the box. For coming on to the solution, you need to use a creative mind as the answer won’t be right in front of you. So, we have come up with an interesting brain teaser where you have to identify which glass has more water in the picture.

Brain Teaser IQ Test: Guess which Glass has more water within 11 Seconds


Image Source: Bright Side

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In the above image, you have to identify the Glass that has more water among the four glasses. An alert mind can solve this puzzle within 30 seconds. You need to analyze every glass option carefully shown in the image. As a heads up, the answers to this brain teaser have been given right below the question, so make sure you don’t scroll too far and cheat!

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Hint: Analyze the weight of the objects that are placed inside the four glasses.

Brain Teaser Answer 

In this brain teaser, the weight of the objects placed inside the water glasses will help you in coming up with an answer. In option 1, the water glass has a ball; Option 2 has a sharpener, Option 3 has a pen, and Option 4 has a paper clip inside the glass. Also, if we look at the image carefully, all the glass has the same water level with the objects placed inside it. So in this case, the glasses which have the lightest object inside them will have more water among the four glasses. The lightest and smallest object is the paper clip.

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Image Source: Bright Side

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So, the answer to the riddle is Option 4. The water Glass that has a paper clip inside it has more water than the glasses which have a ball, a sharpener, and a pen inside them. This brain teaser was a simple test of your observation and intelligence level.  To solve this puzzle within the stipulated time, you need to implement lateral thinking. 

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So, if you have solved this puzzle within 11 seconds, then you must have felt satisfied and happy with your brain power.  Remember, these kinds of brain puzzles are just another fun way to test your IQ. So taking an actual IQ test is a better way to know your Intelligence Quotient (IQ) level.

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