Brain Teaser for Testing Your IQ: Can you spot 2 mistakes in Breakfast Picture within 5 secs?

Brain Teaser for Testing Your IQ: In this fun puzzle, try to spot the two mistakes that are hidden in the Breakfast Picture. Can you find the mistake in 5 Seconds?
Brain Teaser for Testing Your IQ
Brain Teaser for Testing Your IQ

Brain Teaser for Testing Your IQ: If you enjoy solving fun quizzes and puzzles, then this brain teaser is for you! Brain teasers allow you to use your analytical side and make your brain works in a different way. Such brain quizzes make a simple puzzle more interesting by adding a fun task to it. For coming to a solution, you need to think outside of the box and analyze the problem a little differently. So, we have come up with an interesting brain teaser where you have to spot the mistake hidden inside the Breakfast Picture.

Brain Teaser IQ Test: Can you spot 2 mistakes in the Breakfast Picture in 5 seconds?


Image Source: Bright Side

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In the above image, you have to spot two mistakes hidden inside the picture where a couple is having breakfast at the table. The man is drinking tea and the woman is drinking juice with eggs and fruits. But were you able to identify the mistake in the picture?

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You are required to carefully look at the image before answering the question as the answer is quite simple but tricky. As a heads up, the answers to this brain teaser have been given right below the question, so make sure you don’t scroll too far and cheat!

Guess who is Left-handed in the picture

Hint: The mistake is hidden somewhere in the Breakfast Drinks.

Spot who is the Thief in the Garden Party Picture

Brain Teaser Answer 

In this brain puzzle, you need to identify the two mistakes in the Breakfast Picture. At first, you probably won't identify the mistakes immediately as it’s a fine detail than you might think. But after a few moments, you might be able to identify the mistakes in the picture.


Image Source: Bright Side

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So, the first mistake in the picture is the cup from which the man is drinking tea is upside down. The second mistake is that the woman is pouring orange juice into the glass which is already full. She is pouring orange juice but the glass is filled with strawberry juice.

Identify which Gift Box has the Ring inside it in 11 secs!

This puzzle was a bit tricky but a simple one as it needed less time to solve. Such kind of mind riddles doesn't require mathematics skills but are a simple test of knowledge and lateral thinking. However,  it sure feels great when you figure out the answer in few moments.  This brain teaser is just another fun way to assess your IQ Level. However, attempting an actual IQ test is a good way of knowing your Intelligence level.

Can you spot Star, Pencil, and Cup hidden inside the picture?

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