Considering Yourself Sane Today? This Optical Illusion Will Blow Your Mind

Sometimes, very simple-looking optical illusions hold the capacity to blow our minds. Here comes the famous Poggendorff illusion, which comes with a very important question that will make you doubt your vision. Read on.
Which Line Is In Line With The Black Lne?
Which Line Is In Line With The Black Lne?

Some optical illusions are fun and help you refresh your mind, and then some optical illusions appear just so straightforward, but in reality, they hold the capacity to blow your mind, completely.


Don’t believe us? Well, in that case, you are reading the best piece of content. Today we bring to you a picture that appears to be really simple, but when asked a question about it, you will most probably make the wrong choice. You read it right. One question after looking at the picture will make you doubt your sanity.


Are you ready? Here you go!


Here Comes The Picture!


Image Source: Visme


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And Here Comes The Million Dollar Question!


Is the black line lining up with the blue line? 


Come on, give it a thought!


Well obviously, there is no doubt in the fact that the black line is lining up with the blue line. The fact is so apparent, isn’t it?


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Here’s The Twist!

In case you think that the black line is in line with the blue one, you may be wrong. Don’t believe us? Scroll down for the reveal.


Image Source: Visme

Oh, did you get deceived by a mere line? That is the beauty of optical illusions. They sometimes appear to be so simple and obvious, but there’s always a catch.


The black line on the left is actually in line with the red line on the right, and not with the blue line.


This optical illusion image that we presented to you today is actually a very famous optical illusion that reveals our brain tendencies. Interested? Here’s the explanation.

The Explanation

This illusion was first talked about in the 1960s, when Johann Poggendorff, a German physicist, named it the Poggendorff illusion. The illusion describes how our brain perceives geometric shapes and depth.


As per experts, our brain tries to perceive 2D pictures with 3D properties. Thus, the brain distorts the depth between lines in this image.


What Actually Is The Poggendorff Illusion?


The famous Poggendorff illusion is nothing but a geometrical-optical illusion that deals with the misperception of the position of one segment of a transverse line, interrupted by the contour of an intervening structure.

Factors Causing The Poggendorff Illusion


Why does the Poggendorff illusion occur? What factors cause the illusion to occur? 

The illusion actually depends on the steepness of the intersecting lines. Just when the obliqueness is reduced, the illusion becomes less compelling.


There are so many things in the world that deceive your gullible mind, but the safest and most fun of them is optical illusions. There are plenty of optical illusions in the world, but some of them have gained much popularity, especially in the field of psychology. 

Some of the most popular optical illusions include the Zollner illusion, Jastrow illusion, Hermann Grid Illusion, the Muller-Lyer illusion, and more.


There are many types of optical illusions, there are three main types of illusions, namely, literal illusions, cognitive illusions, and physiological illusions.


Do you like optical illusions? Jagran Josh presents you with an interesting optical illusion story every now and then to help you combat boredom and add excitement to your moments, Stay tuned!

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