The Milk Is Kept In Open! Find The Hidden Cat Before She Drinks It All In This Optical Illusion Image!

Mrs. Green has kept a messy room and her cat Bella is hiding somewhere in the room. The lady has kept the milk out in the open in the kitchen by mistake, and there is no way one can trust naughty Bella. Can you find the hidden cat before she drinks or spills the milk?
Find The Hidden Cat
Find The Hidden Cat

When God was about to create cats, He added cute paws, sharp whiskers, sheer flexibility, alluring eyes, a truck full of cuteness, and tons of mischief. While cats are pros in many things, the beautiful combination of mischief and cuteness allows the creature to have immense fun in the world without being worried about punishment.


Bella, Mrs. Green’s little kitten knows this secret and uses it at her best to annoy her poor master. Mrs. Green never misses a chance to pamper her cute pet, but Bella is known for taking advantage of this love.


Today, Mrs. Green’s drawing room is all messy. The curtains are kept open, the study table is covered with piles of clothes, and the sofa isn’t kept meant. All this does not worry Mrs. Green, as a cat owner, must be used to the mess. The cat comes home with dirty paws almost every day, and that scenario makes this one appear much cleaner. Yet, it will take poor Mrs. Green an hour or so to clean the mess. The frightening news today is that the milk containers are kept open.


What else is worse? Bella is awake!


Mrs. Green can be enrolled in the team of secret agents for the country as she is now an expert in hiding milk containers from her naughty cat Bella. However, late hours of binge-watching did not allow the owner to get a good night's sleep. And oh, poor night sleep is often the culprit behind hasty decisions!


So the point is that the milk is kept out in the open in the kitchen and Bella is perhaps the most naughty kitten Mrs. Green has come across in her 48 years of lifetime.

What Can You Do?

You can simply chill and scroll down if you assume Bella to be a meek cat. However, the pain of seeing all the milk spilled on the floor and missing the opportunity to watch the last episode of your favorite series just because your cat has made the floor turn into a river of milk is a huge pain.


And oh, if by any chance you are a pet owner, you must be sympathizing with Mrs. Green by now.


Thus, it becomes your human responsibility to help Mrs. Green finishes the last episode of her favorite series and finds her hidden cat before the mess creates a mess.


Are You Ready?


The rules are pretty simple. You need to look for the cat before she sniffs the milk and rushes into the kitchen. Remember, cats are bestowed with superb flexibility, so the kitten may also be hiding in places like a pen stand if at all there is any in the picture.


Are you ready? Boom! Here is the picture!


Image Source:  Bouncy

Could you find Bella? While we all collectively love cats, this image is making us envious of their hiding skills!

Oh, here she is!


Image Source:  Bouncy

You tiny little fellow! How come you are hiding here? Oh, you better not stare at the milk. Mrs. Green will serve you the milk in your cat food container. Until then, abstain from looking at any white liquids!



Optical Illusion IQ Test: Only a Genius can spot Bull Master’s Hidden Face in 20 Secs!


A Note From Mrs. Green To The Readers!

Oh, I thank you so much for finding my hidden cat while I was away at work. Bella is super naughty and it becomes difficult for me to tame her. If you are ever planning to get a cat, don’t follow your instincts to hold the furry baby in your hand, before you make sure you have ample back massaging balms kept at home.

Oh, the last season of my show is out! See you later! Thanks

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