Good Friday 2023: Know Date, Wishes, Messages, Quotes, WhatsApp, Facebook Status, and More

Good Friday 2023: Check below for inspirational quotes, wishes, messages, WhatsApp, and Facebook statuses to exchange blessings and prayers on this day.
Good Friday
Good Friday

Good Friday 2023: The day is observed annually by Christians and falls on the Friday before Easter. This year it will be observed on April 7. The day commemorates the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Good Friday is observed as a day of sorrow and penance. Christians do not commemorate the fixed date. Apart from this, they follow the flexible date of the Passover, which conforms to the Jewish lunisolar calendar instead of the Gregorian solar calendar by relating the Last Supper to the seder. 

Therefore, the day commemorates the final hours of Jesus' life and death as described in the Bible. On this day, people in India attend church services or pray. Some people fast or abstain from meat. In some areas of India, Christians hold parades or open-air plays to portray the last days and hours of Jesus' life. It is an important event in Christianity because it represents the sacrifices and suffering in Jesus' life. 

Here, we have curated some wishes, quotes, messages, etc. to communicate blessings and prayers and share them with your loved ones.

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Good Friday 2023: Wishes, Messages, and Quotes

1. I hope that this day brings abundant positivity to our lives. Have a blessed Good Friday.

2. May your faith in God, bring peace to your heart & New hope in your life. May God Always bless You!

3. Jesus Christ bore all in silence because he accepted us in him. I hope we can return the same to him. Have a blessed Good Friday.

4. May the spirit of this auspicious day give you the courage to stay on God’s path. Have a blessed Good Friday.

5. May Jesus continues to rekindle your hope and strength, and use you as a medium to fulfill his purpose. Be grateful to be the medium for god’s plans. Have a blessed Good Friday.

6. Good Friday is a day of hope. It is a day when we look forward to a brighter tomorrow. Many things have happened to change the course of our lives, but it has not shaken our faith.

7. May on this Good Friday we start it with fasting & prayers so that we can bring God’s mercy & forgiveness to all mankind Let’s Pray together.


8. Good Friday is beautiful because it reminds us that we matter to the great Lord. Have a divine Good Friday with your family and loved ones.

9. May the blessing of God be always upon us. I hope you and your loved ones have a blessed Good Friday.

10. Good Friday is not only a historical day but it is a day of learning and profound religious significance. 

11. Praying that the lord all your Heart with peace. Holds you in His love and blesses you with his grace… On this Holy Day and Always.

12. Good Friday marks the slaying of our Jesus, The unblemished lamb, the perfect sacrifice. He took our guilt and blamed it upon Himself.

13. He showed us the way, He has long been gone. And yet in our hearts, his name shines on….Wish u a Holy Friday!

14. May the loving-kindness of God be with you as you take the time to reverence his name this Good Friday.

15. Life is a maybe, Death is for sure. Sin is the cause, Christ is the cure! Have a blessed Good Friday.

16. May almighty bless you and your family with a lifetime of love, grace, wealth, and amazing companionship. May you continue to work towards the betterment of humanity and chant lord’s glory. Have a blessed Good Friday.

17. Good Friday is about to come. A great historical day that is celebrated in a liturgical & ceremonially prominent manner.

18. On this holy Good Friday, I wish nothing but the best for you. May Jesus Christ be born again in our hearts and you will always be loved and protected by him.


19. A blessed Good Friday and Happy Easter to you! May the faith you hold on to never leaves your path.

20. Mercy, peace, and love. May the grace and Lord surround you and be with you on the occasion of Good Friday.

Good Friday is one of the most significant days in the Christian calendar. It is a holy day that resulted in the Resurrection of Jesus, his victory over sin and death, and the celebration of Easter, hence it is deemed to be "good." Christians all throughout the world express their sorrow and devotion in different ways. Christians hold that when Jesus was put to death, he gave his life as a sacrifice so that everyone could have their sins forgiven.

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