Math riddles with answers: This math riddle will not only test your math but also your logical skills!

Math is a complicated subject, but sometimes, more than strong math concepts, you need robust logical reasoning skills to ace the subject. Are you ready for this exciting math riddle?
Math riddles with answers!
Math riddles with answers!

Hello mathematicians,

We hope you are having a great time with our math riddles.


Ask your heart honestly; did you like the subject of math back in school? Well, rare are the people who liked the subject, and rarer are the ones who scored well in it.


Now that you are a grown-up, and have come out of the trauma of the subject, we bring to you a light-hearted math riddle. Are you ready for it?


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Here comes another piece of exciting math riddle for you.

Math Riddle:


Jessica is a friendly girl. She has many friends in town.


She loves sharing things with her friends and loved ones. In school, she shares her favorite pens and most important notes with all of her friends.


Today, she has a basket full of chocolates. She has a total of 20 chocolates in the box. Without thinking about herself for even a minute, she calls 20 of her dearest friends home.


Now, she has 20 chocolates, and 20 friends in her house.


She gives 1 chocolate each to all of her friends. However, surprisingly, there is still one chocolate left in the basket. 


Can you guess how?

Think about it!




Enough brainstorming. Here is the answer you need.

Jessica gives 19 chocolates to 19 of her friends. Lastly, she gives the last chocolate to the 20th friend along with the basket. Thus, the 20th chocolate was given to the 20th friend while being kept inside the basket.


Yes, Jessica is adorable. She has given all of her chocolates along with her favorite basket. 

We can see your mouth watering just when we mentioned “chocolates”. Go and grab one, dear readers!

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