Only a Genius Can Find The Hidden Puppy in This Optical Illusion in 15 Seconds. Can You?

There is a cute little puppy which is hiding in this optical illusion image and you need to spot the hidden puppy in this optical illusion in 15 seconds. Take this optical illusion challenge to test your skills now.
Hidden Puppy Optical Illusion
Hidden Puppy Optical Illusion

Optical Illusion: Optical Illusion has taken the Internet by storm and the netizens are wanting more and more to fill their insatiable desire to solve optical illusions.

The optical illusions are fun to solve, making them a great source of entertainment and they can be used to challenge your peers to test your intelligence and observation skills.

Optical Illusions have become an integral part of pop culture. Netizens tend to engage with such optical illusion pictures to get an idea about their levels of perception.

While it serves as a means of entertainment and a test of skill for some, for others like research scientists optical illusions are a means of testing the way our brain functions.

Are you ready for a mind-boggling optical illusion challenge?

Then, let’s get started.

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Optical Illusion - Find Hidden Puppy in 15 Seconds

Take a look at the image below


Image Credit: Audley Villages


In this image, you can see a jam-packed garden with many types of plants and flowers, we can also see different types of birds happily singing.


Looks beautiful, isn’t it?


There are so many varieties of flowers and you can see the vibrancy of the colours on display all making it pleasing to the eyes.


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In addition to that, we can see cute little birds sitting in the various corners of the garden and singing songs and having conversations with fellow birds.

In midst of all this, a puppy is hiding. He also wants to play with the birds and flowers and have a good time in the garden.


But his owner is very strict and wouldn’t let him play, that’s why he chose to stay hidden so that his owner won’t notice him.


It is already late and the owner is not able to find his puppy, you need to spot the puppy within 15 seconds so that he can be returned to his owner.


Your time starts now.


Look at the image carefully.


This one is a tricky optical illusion picture and the garden environment and the vibrant colours make spotting the puppy a challenge.


Did you spot the puppy yet?




Let us give you a hint.


It is not present on the left side of the image.


Now, how many of you have spotted the puppy?


Time is running out and the owner is getting worried.


We believe many of you ran out of time and are still not able to find the puppy.


Don’t worry.


Scroll below for the solution.


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