Optical Illusion: This Hidden Lizard is Impossible to Spot in 11 Seconds!

Optical Illusion: There is a hidden lizard in this picture. It is impossible to spot the lizard in 11 seconds. Can you spot it? Test your observation skills with this optical illusion challenge now.
Optical Illusion - Find Hidden Lizard in 11 Seconds
Optical Illusion - Find Hidden Lizard in 11 Seconds

Optical Illusions: Optical illusions are the current craze of the netizens and there seems to be no stopping that. It has become so popular among the current generation that it is considered a part of pop culture.


Optical illusions are fun to solve as it engages your mind and provides you with the thrill of problem-solving. The best thing about optical illusions is that they have the uncanny ability to trick our minds. The word illusions is itself derived from the word “illūdere” which means to mock or trick.


There are different types of optical illusions such as physical, physiological, and cognitive illusions. Scientists have also suggested that optical illusions help them understand the levels of perception of individuals which varies from person to person.


Do you consider yourself to have excellent observation skills?


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Then, try this optical illusion challenge now to test it.

Optical Illusion - Spot the hidden lizard in 11 seconds



Source: YouTube


The above image depicts a forest scene in which you can see a tree branch. The tree branch looks to be worn out. This tree branch looks simple at first glance, but do you know there is a hidden lizard in this tree branch?


The challenge for you is to find the hidden lizard in 7 seconds. It is a straightforward challenge and to solve this challenge you need to observe the image very carefully.


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We know that at the first glance it is quite difficult to make out if there is a lizard in this scene.

To help you in your quest for solving this illusion, let us give you a hint.


The hint is that:


The lizard in question is a gecko, more specifically mossy leaf-tailed gecko which is found in Madagascar. It is also known as the southern flat-tail gecko.


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This lizard is an expert in camouflaging in order to blend itself with its surroundings.


Have you spotted the lizard yet?


Time is running out and only a few seconds left.


How many of you have already spotted the lizard?


Time’s up.


People who have spotted the lizard before or within time deserve a big round of applause for their superior observation skills.


Those who couldn’t spot the lizard within the time need to work on enhancing their observation skills and it can be done with practice.


Looking for solution? 


Then, scroll below.


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