Optical Illusion: This tiny bird is playing hide and seek with us? Can you find the hidden bird?

Birds are angels sent to us by God to wake up in the morning with their chirping voices. Can you find the hidden bird in just 10 seconds?
Find the hidden bird!
Find the hidden bird!

Are your mornings complete without that little bird chirping at your window? No right?

Now imagine that very bird goes missing! Won't you miss the bird?

Here we give you an opportunity to find that hidden bird!
Today we'll be talking about the little bird that sits on your window every morning.  But before we talk about that, answer the following question!


How do you wake up in the morning?

Who wakes you up? Are you one of those gifted people on whom the Almighty has bestowed the amazing superpower to wake up in the morning very early without having the need for an alarm clock? Are you the lucky one whose brain makes you open your eyes with the first ray of sunlight? Or are you one of those who need an alarm clock in order to wake up on time or else you may miss your exam or that important meeting with the client? There are many categories o people that fall under the umbrella of people who wake up with an alarm clock. Some are those who set the alarm with a firm intention to wake up on time in the morning. Such people never hit the snooze button, and they use the alarm clock for their maximum benefit. the next category of people is the one who hit the snooze button several times only to find out that they are super late for work and the only way left for them to reach on time is by rushing. The third category is the deep sleepers. Such people get so immersed in their beautiful sleep that no alarm in the whole world proves to be strong enough to wake them up. Such are the people who require deep sleep, and only wake up when their sleeping hours are complete.

While there are all sorts of people in the world, nature too helps us to wake up to a bright morning in its own beautiful ways. Don't believe us? Why do you think that tiny, little, beautiful bird comes and sits on the window of your bedroom every morning and sings in that melodious voice? Yes, that's your natural alarm!

Nature on its own is enough to make man's life easy and one does not need the help of devices all the time. Who do you think sends the bird at your window? Well, God too does not want you to miss your important meeting with the client, and thus the bird follows the commands of the Almighty and sits on your window.


And oh, the melodious voice!

No matter how beautiful the melody of your alarm tune is, you will gradually start to dislike it as it wakes you up from deep sleep. However, mark our words, you would never get irritated by the melodious voice of that bird. Why so? Because every morning, you sense a familiarity yet a sense of freshness in the voice of the bird. It seems as if the bird conveys to the whole world how beautiful the day is with her beautiful voice!


What if the same bird gets hidden or lost somewhere? How will you wake up tomorrow? Who will wake you up in the same way just like the bird did? That's what the challenge of today is all about.


All you have to do is find the hidden bird in the image in not more than 10 seconds!


Find the hidden bird in just 10 seconds!



Image Source: Best Quiz (YouTube)


Here is the bird hiding!


Image Source: Best Quiz (YouTube)


Isn't the bird simply mesmerizing? Oh, dear bird, please come to our window tomorrow on time, we have an important meeting tomorrow morning!

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