Optical Illusion: You Are a Genius if You Can Spot the Hidden Bee in 11 Seconds

In this optical illusion picture, a bee is hiding among the flowers. You need to find the hidden bee in 11 seconds. Take this optical illusion challenge to put your observation skills to the test now.
Hidden Bee Optical Illusion
Hidden Bee Optical Illusion

Find the Hidden Bee Optical Illusion: Optical illusions are mind-bending images that help assess the levels of perception of the human brain. There are various kinds of optical illusions which are cognitive, psychological and physical.

The beauty and charm of the optical illusion lie in the curiosity it arises in one’s mind about the subject.

It also tricks your brains and eyes by making them believe that what you see is real while in reality, it is very different from what you are seeing.

Apart from playing tricks with your brains, optical illusions also serve as important research tools for scientists studying brain functions.

Aren’t you excited to try out an optical illusion challenge now?

Great, then let’s get started.

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Optical Illusion - Find the Hidden Bee in 11 Seconds

Take a look at the image below


Image Credit: Gergely Dudás/ dudolf.com


This image is created by a Hungarian artist Gergely Dudás who specializes in creating such optical illusion pictures.


The challenge is to find the hidden bee in this picture within 11 seconds.


You can see that this is a garden scene and animals and butterflies are enjoying their day out.


A penguin couple can be spotted in this picture enjoying their ice cream while a bear can be seen chasing the butterflies with a net trying to capture one.

The garden is full of yellow flowers and taking this opportunity the bee is hiding among the sea of yellow.


Did you spot the hidden bee?




Try looking at the image carefully, the bee is fond of flowers and visits them to collect pollen.


With this hint, we hope it will be easy for you to spot the hidden bee.


How many of you were able to spot the bee?


Time is almost over and we hope that some of our geniuses have managed to spot the bee by now.


Those still trying to find the bee need to look no further.


Check the solution below.



The bee is behind the tail of the raccoon and trying to collect pollen from a flower.

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