What a spooky day it is! Enter a horror adventure with this super scary brain teaser!

Shush!! Do not make a noise. You never know if you have spirits around. Simply find the hidden damned pumpkin in this picture in just 10 seconds.
Horror Brain Teaser!
Horror Brain Teaser!


We are not here to entertain you today. There is a severe emergency we have in front. What do you do when you return home from work and find yourself all alone?

Well, you may think to switch on the television, watch your favorite series on your phone, or rush to sleep after a long day.


You may be so tired that you may not notice the curtains waving, the tap dripping, or the rocking chair rocking on its own, or even if you do, you may simply blame the weather, the plumbing issues, or the wind for these acts.


But what if we tell you that these acts were not caused by the wind or the plumbing issue, but there are some invisible beings too who eagerly waited for you to come home?



What if we tell you that some beings who lost their lives due to sudden or unfortunate events have come to greet you at your home, and are desirous to seek your attention?



Would you still be sleepy enough to jump on your bed without any lines of worry on your forehead?



Well, there are some things that attract such devil energies. Some objects are damned, and they attract evil energies that you may not want to enter your house.



One such damned object is hidden in the picture below that has attracted too many ghosts in this house. We are talking about the spooky pumpkin!



Oh, you do not have much time. Not being able to find the hidden pumpkin may allow the spirits to see you, and you might feel trouble sleeping tonight.



Can you find the spooky pumpkin in just 10 seconds?



The Rules

The rules are pretty straightforward. Since you do not have much time, simply add a timer of 10 seconds on your phone. Make sure your phone is on silent so that the ghosts do not find you. Now, start the timer and begin looking for the spooky pumpkin in the picture. Whether you are honest with the timer or not, know that ghosts do not break rules!

Shush! Find the hidden pumpkin quickly!

Image Source: Online Mortgage Advisor

Could you find the pumpkin? Did any ghost look eye to eye with you?

Well, we found it!


Image Source: Online Mortgage Advisor


Phew! That was a tough job. The Church nuns have arrived to our rescue. Don’t worry readers; you are safe now! There is nothing to worry about as you are God’s favorite child.


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