World Brain Tumor Day 2021: History, Significance and Facts

World Brain Tumor Day 2021: It is observed on 8th June. Learn the history behind the celebration of the day with some facts about a brain tumor.
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World Brain Tumor Day
World Brain Tumor Day

World Brain Tumor Day 2021:  The day spread awareness and educates people about brain tumor. There are various myths and misconceptions associated with a brain tumor. On this day let us have a look at the brain tumor and the history behind the celebration.

World Brain Tumor Day is observed on 8th June, every year. German Brain Tumour Association (Deutsche Hirntumorhilfe e.V.), a nonprofit organisation, first marked this day in the year 2000 to spread awareness about the brain tumour among the general public. Deutsche Hirntumorhilfe was founded in 1998 and have more than 500 registered members from fourteen nations. It provides support to the patients and their family members besides scientists and health professionals.

History of World Brain Tumor Day:

Deutsche Hirntumorhilfe declared World Brain Tumor Day in 2000 as an international commemoration day. World Brain Tumor Day is now celebrated annually on 8 June as a tribute to all brain tumour patients and their families.

What is Brain Tumor?

Before understanding what is brain tumour, first, we will learn about tumor. A tumor is basically an abnormal lump or growth of cells.

In the body, there are mainly two main types of tumours namely

• Benign

• Malignant 

If the cells in the tumour are normal, it is benign (it means something wrong happened and the cells overgrew and produced a lump). If the cells are abnormal and start growing uncontrollably, then they are cancerous cells, and the tumour is malignant. A brain tumour occurs when abnormal cells produce within any part of the brain. The tumour can be benign (non-cancerous) and Malignant (cancerous).

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Causes of Brain Cancer:

Any specific cause of brain tumour is not known yet. Many doctors believe exposure to radiations (like x-rays) for a long time can cause brain tumour. Some also believe that gadgets like mobile phones are causing various types of cancers including brain tumour, however, the fact is not proven yet. Many types of research into this field are still going on.

Symptoms of Brain Tumour

According to the data provided by National Health Portal (by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India), depending upon the location of the tumour on the part of the brain the symptoms may vary, some common symptoms are problems with vision, headaches, seizures, vomiting. Mental changes may be also observed. Sometimes the person may also feel difficulty in walking, speaking and sensation. 

Diagnosis of Brain Tumour:

Depending upon the symptoms and history, doctors can use the following tests to diagnose the brain tumour

MRI and CT scan:  Doctors may use these imaging techniques in the diagnosis of a brain tumour.

Angiogram: It is also an imaging technique. In this test, a dye is injected into the bloodstream. If a tumour is present, then the image may show the tumour or blood vessels that are filling into the tumour.

Neurologic exam: This test includes testing of hearing, alertness, vision, muscle strength, coordination, & reflexes.

Spinal tap: In this test, a sample of cerebrospinal fluid is collected with the help of a long thin needle. This technique is known as lumbar puncture.

Treatments for Brain Tumour:

Depending upon the type, stage, condition and position of the tumours, doctors may suggest the following treatments:

• Surgery: It is the first step in the treatment of both benign & primary malignant brain tumours and is done on the patient to remove the maximum tumour so as to sustain neurological function

• Radiotherapy: In this process, cells are exposed to high energy beams of radiation.

• Chemotherapy:  In this treatment, anti-cancer drugs are supplied to the body to kill cancer cells.

• Steroids: These are frequently used for the treatment of brain tumours.

• Ventricular peritoneal shunt: This procedure is used to drain excess fluid from inside the brain.

As per the NHP data, the majority of patients suffering from brain tumour die within 9-12 months and less than 3% survive more than 3 years. So, it is important to create awareness among people about brain tumour. Share this article to spread awareness among people.

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