World Television Day 2022: Date, History, Significance and Celebration

World Television Day 2022: It is observed on 21 November to highlight television's daily value in communication and globalization. Let us read more about World Television Day, how it is celebrated, and the history behind it.
World Television Day
World Television Day

World Television Day 2022: Television is a mass medium that provides entertainment, education, news, politics, gossip, etc. It is a medium for transmitting moving images in two or three dimensions and sound. No doubt, it is a healthy source of both education and entertainment. It plays a crucial role in society by delivering information.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic television viewership increased. Social distancing and working from home have changed life, people now spend time together with their families, take food together, and watch their favorite movies or shows together. Nowadays, TV has taken a centre stage in homes for family bonding and entertainment.

World Television Day: History

On 21 November and 22 November 1996, the U.N. held the first World Television Forum. It provides a platform and allowed the media to discuss the importance of TV in delivering information and also how it participates in the changing world. It is the single largest source of video consumption.

Therefore, UN General Assembly on 17 December 1996 through resolution 51/205 established 21 November as World Television Day to commemorate the date on which World Television Forum was held. It was done by seeing the impact of Television on the process of decision-making. Television is a major tool and so acknowledged for informing, channeling, and affecting public opinion. We can't deny its impact on world politics i.e the way it influences world politics.

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The United Nations General Assembly declared November 21 to be World Television Day (through resolution 51/205 of December 17, 1996) in recognition of the growing influence television has on decision-making by drawing attention to conflicts and threats to peace and security as well as its potential role in sharpening the focus on other important issues, including economic and social problems.

World Television Day is more of a celebration of the philosophy it stands for than it is of the medium itself. In the modern world, television stands for communication and globalization.

This was accomplished in recognition of the growing influence that television has on the decision-making process. Thus, it was acknowledged that television was a key medium for influencing, channeling, and informing public opinion. Its influence on global politics cannot be denied, nor can its impact or presence.

World Television Day: Celebrations

Various people meet together and promote World Television Day including journalists, writers, and bloggers who spread and share their views regarding the role of television through print media, broadcast media, and social media. In schools, several guest speakers are invited to talk about media and communication issues. They discuss topics like what is the role of television in our lives, how television promotes cultural diversity and a common understanding, how it provides a link between democracy and television, and also the role of television in social, political, and economic developments. To outline the importance of television to democracy, peace, and world stability, various conferences and lectures are held all over the world. This day also renews the role of governments, organizations, and individuals to support the development of television media in providing unbiased information about important issues and events that affect society.

Wishes, Quotes, Messages, and Facts for World Television Day 2022

To support the international news media and to reach audiences, the United Nations provides a suite of multimedia products and services by covering the work both at Headquarters and around the world. UN Videos are also produced for news, and social platforms, and also for broadcast partners in six official languages including French, Spanish, English, Chinese, Arabic, and Russian, and also in Hindi, Kiswahili, and Portuguese. Breaking news, events, etc. are also shared with partners in raw packages by UNifeed which enables news providers to cover critical global issues by offering timely broadcast video from throughout the system of UN. New stories are posted on the website of UNifeed as soon as they become available from the global network of UNB specialized agencies, funds and programs, peacekeeping operations, and UN Headquarters. 

Therefore, World Television Day is celebrated on 20 November to raise awareness among people about its role in communication and globalization, to make people informed, etc.

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