100 Years of Indian Cinema: Quiz on Music Composers (Set - 1)

General Knowledge Quiz: Discover how much you score before you appear for your next written GK test through this interactive quiz.

Oct 25, 2013 15:54 IST
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Indian movie music fans have always treasured and applauded the inveterate evergreen sections of music of grand masters. Some music composers with their elite idiosyncratic features in their procedures have left an indelible contemplation on our wits.


Since music has always been an indispensable module of Indian cinema, primarily Hindi movies, music composers of the former period to the present equip it as they make up songs to enchant the demands of inestimable viewers across the country or make personalized numbers to ensemble the situational circumstances in films.


From Alam Ara, the very 1st talkie movie of India, to Omkara, the fresh release, Indian movie music has seen a lot of stalwarts beckon the repute charts in their chore. presents a quiz on Music composers of India. Discover how much are you acquainted with our Indian film industry.

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