5 reasons why you are still without an internship this semester

Still struggling to find yourself an internship? Read the article to see if you have one of the reasons mentioned here.

Created On: Feb 7, 2020 14:48 IST
5 reasons why you are still without an internship this semester
5 reasons why you are still without an internship this semester

The internship market today is almost as competitive as the job market and trying to land a good internship can prove to be quite difficult. Forget about paid internships getting an unpaid internship too might seem like a herculean task. Having appeared for innumerous interviews and sent many more applications over the last few months but no matter how close you get to the getting an internship something or the other takes the opportunity away from you at the last moment. Well, then it's high time to consider where is it that you are going wrong or lacking to catch the employers interest. Mentioned below are common reasons because of which students fail to get an internship. Find yours and work on to eradicate it before you send out that next internship application.   

Didn't research the company beforehand

Whenever you are applying for an internship at any organization it is essential that you do some  research about it beforehand. Being a college graduate there is only so much that the interviewer can ask  you during the interview. Their main focus would be on your work samples more than it would be on your academics. For when you work in a professional environment it is your practical skills that matter more than your academic knowledge. And to test your practical skills employers usually put up questions like why did you choose our organizations? What is it you think that you can contribute or learn during your time here. To answer such questions you need to have some background information on the company's work and projects.

Didn't seem passionate enough about the company

It is not an uncommon situation at all to see students applying for internships even at organizations that hold no particular interest to them. The reasons for this are many, it could very well be that they are looking for backup options in case they fail to secure an internship at their dream organization. In such a scenario when your heart is not in the internship and you are just interviewing for the sake of it chances are the interviewer will notice your disinterest. And if they do so, you can very well kiss good bye to any chance of interning that you had with that organization. For, no one wants an intern who is not interested in working as they would be nothing but a liability to the organization.

Didn't Sell Yourself

With more and more colleges and universities making internships a compulsory part of their curriculum, internship market has become as competitive as the job market. A good resume and CV are important, but they will get you only as far as the interview round. Once there everything depends on your ability to sell yourself to the employer. Employers have a lot of options to pick from for a particular position and as expected they go for the best ones. Unless you know how to sell yourself good enough, you'll lack behind and won't be able to achieve any success. It is very important to showcase to your future employer how you are the perfect candidate for the job and in what all ways can you contribute to the organization. 

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Your resume is not up to the mark

Now this is one of the biggest failure on your part. If you fail to secure an internship because your resume lacked to showcase your capabilities then no matter how good you are it's worth nothing. Impressing the interview with your witty remarks or sharp skills during the interview round would only happen once you have managed to catch his attention with your resume. There are many reasons for which your resume didn't match up to his expectations. One could be that your skill set is not suitable for the job or it could be that it was completely unreadable and cluttered for him to make any sense of it. To avoid making any such stupid mistakes look for the best resume templates online or run your resume through some of professors or your friends and family in the corporate offices and get their feedbacks. 

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You have no real skill to offer

It doesn't mean that you have no skill worth to the employers but simply that you still haven't found your true calling. You are trying out in the fields where you lack talent. It's a very common scenario seen among college students they often go for positions where they have average skills. But why would any student opt for an internship in a field that doesn't interest him. One of the many reasons is that it offers a better salary and other could be that their parents want them to build a career in that field. Which is not a very uncommon situation in our country. Find a field of your interest and send forth a job application that speaks of your passion in the field and your eagerness to work with the organization.

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To Conclude

Having said all that, if none of the above are your reason for failing at an attempt to get an internship then there is only one thing that could be a possible reason, 'you woke up too late.' After all its break time why bother waking up early in morning that to, to go work not even college. And if that's not your reason than just buckle up and brace yourself for sending another round of internship applications. For where there is will there is a way. Liked this article? Please share it with your friends and peers. For more such articles please visit www.jagranjosh.com/college. Alternatively, you can also get them directly in your inbox by submitting your email-id in the box below.

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