6 things you should not do for IIT JEE Preparation

To score good rank in IIT JEE exam 2017, you must have your own planning. In this article we are suggesting you 6 things which should be avoid during IIT JEE Preparation.

Created On: Dec 29, 2016 15:50 IST

IIT JEE 2017IIT JEE is one of the toughest engineering entrance exams in India. It is conducted in two tiers- IIT JEE Main and IIT JEE Advanced. Only those candidates appear for IIT JEE Advanced who qualify JEE Main Examination.

IIT JEE Exam is the gateway for IITs, NITs and various other prestigious engineering colleges. Every engineering aspirant wishes to get into IITs and NITs. But cracking IIT JEE Exam is not an easy task. It requires a lot of sincere hard work and perseverance.

Below we have pointed out 5 things that a student should not do while IIT JEE Preparation.

1. Do not Show Disinterest During Lectures:

Pay attention to what is taught in schools. Many students do not pay attention in school and they think that they will study this chapter later in coaching class. This is one of the biggest mistake that student commits. You should change this attitude immediately. The school teacher teaches basics while coaching teacher teaches at advanced level assuming you know the basics. Even if your coaching teacher teaches you basics it will serve as revision of previous concept.

2. Don’t become a bookworm:

Preparing for IIT JEE Exam does not mean that you go into the world of books and forget there is other world too. Enjoy your life while studying. You can always get some time for yourself amid your busy study schedule. If you have passion like painting or playing an instrument don’t give up on it just because you have to study. These hobbies will refresh you in your leisure time and and help you keep an active mind when you study.

3. Do not waste your leisure time

While studying your core subjects you often get bored. It is very important that you take break from studies at regular intervals. But try avoiding watching television or surfing through social media as it can end up getting lousy. You may start enjoying and can push your studies further for few hours. It may happen that you initially thought of taking break for half an hour but you keep surfing net for one hour.

Instead you can utilize your leisure time for some productive work. Read novels, listen to music, take power nap etc. during this time as they will restore your mental alertness.

4. Do not cut your sleep and be overambitious:

It is said that “A good laugh and a good sleep are the two best cures for everything.” You should always get a good sleep. A minimum of 6-8 hours of sleep is vital for you to grasp anything that you study. It is of no use if you could not retain what you study. Less sleep causes headache and bad mood. You cannot prepare yourself for IIT JEE Exam in bad mood. So, sleep well. Also, less sleep can have profound consequences on your physical health. Regular poor sleep puts you at risk of serious medical conditions and you can fall ill at the time of your examination or your studies may get affected due to this.

Sleeping well helps your mind function better and hence if you are well slept you can actually cover more syllabus that the sleep deprived students who just want to sleep when they are trying to study.

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5. Keep distance from negative people:

Nothing is more powerful than a creative mind. In Bhagvad Gita it has been said ‘Man is made by his belief. As he believes, so he is.’ If you stay with people who are optimistic then your mind will be filled with positive thoughts and it will boost your confidence. You will feel good and happy. A happy mind is a healthy mind, a healthy mind is good for the body.

Always think about positive things. It may happen that you may get toughest paper ever; it may also happen that you do not remember formula or you might go blank, but remember this is just your thought. Always think positive. It may also happen that you might get an easy paper and you might even remember everything.

Always keep distance from negative people. Remember negative thought have only one purpose to destroy you. Always believe in yourself. According to famous author and speaker Steve Maraboli “ Do not let other people opinions destroy your reality. Be true to yourself. Be bold in pursuing your dreams. Be unapologetically you.” Stay away from people who think you wouldn’t. No matter if he is your closest friend or your relative.

6. Don’t give up:

Always keep moving. It will happen many a times that you think of giving up. But hang on, beginning is always toughest. In starting, any concept will appear tedious to you but with time and your efforts everything will start being easier.  Stop panicking.  So, keep your all doubts aside and focus on your preparation.

You are master of your decisions. Nobody can guide you how to prepare for IIT JEE better than yourself. Be honest to yourself. Listen to everyone but prepare for the exam in your own way.

Best of Luck!!!!

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