Time Management Tips for BPSC Prelims 2018

It is important for the candidates of the BPSC Prelims 2018 to manage the time during the exam. If time is managed well in the exam, then more number of questions can be attempted. Time management has advantages in the time of fierce competition.

bpsc time management
bpsc time management

In BPSC Prelims 2018, time management is very important. It starts with the preparation of the exam and continues till the students are actually in the exam hall. Time management is required when students answer the question in the exam hall. If candidates have better time management skills then there are more chances of their success.

BPSC Syllabus and Exam Pattern

In order to manage time in the BPSC Prelims Exam, the candidates have to plan well in advance. It is not a matter of a day or two. The candidates need dedicated efforts to be at the stage where they can manage the time crunch.

Time Management before the BPSC Prelims Exam

1. Develop a Strong Study Schedule: It is important for the candidates of the BPSC to develop a strong study schedule and be well organised before the exam. If the candidates plan for the test in a systematic manner, then they can avoid the issues that usually come at the last moment. If the candidates develop a good study schedule, then they can make sure that each subject is getting the due attention.

2. Know the Pattern of the Question: Most of the students, who are appearing in the BPSC Prelims 2018, will be aware of the pattern of the question paper and marks distribution. The candidates can refer to the previous year’s question paper and model question papers to know the marks distribution. Therefore, the candidates are required to have the idea of the pattern and marking scheme before going into the actual exam.

BPSC Prelims Previous Year’s Cut Off

3. Practise Using an OMR, if Possible: If the candidates practise writing the answers using an OMR sheet then it is another benefit to them. Sample OMR sheets are available in the market on which the candidates can practise. Though it is good for those who are not familiar with the OMR sheets yet the candidates who are familiar with the OMR can practise too.

Time Management during the BPSC Prelims Exam

1. Read the Question Paper First: As the candidates enter the exam hall, they should get comfortable and composed at first. After receiving the question paper, the candidates should read all the questions carefully and properly. By reading the question paper, the candidates will be able to decide which section or question needs to be done first.

2. Allot Time to Each Section of Question Paper: The candidates, upon receiving the question paper, should decide which section of the question paper requires more time and which one requires less. Once they become sure about the timing of the sections, they should proceed to answer the questions. This will be helpful in managing the time effectively.

BPSC Prelims Tips and Strategy

3. Solve the Easy Questions First: The candidates know that they may not find all the questions easy. Some of the questions may be difficult while some may be easy. The best way is to solve the easy questions first. Since, the candidates are confident about these questions, there will be less chance of mistakes and they will end up consuming less time. Most of the candidates try to solve the difficult questions first, but they will end up wasting their time and efforts only. So, it is suggested to the candidates that they should pick the easy questions first in order to be confident.

4. Don’t Stick to Particular Questions: After solving the easier questions, the candidates have to come to the difficult ones. Since, the questions are tricky and complex, the candidates should not stick to a particular question if they find it difficult to solve. The candidates should leave the difficult question if they are unable to recall the answer after reading that question. Getting stuck to a particular question is a mere wastage of the valuable time of the candidates.

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5. Avoid Taking Breaks during the Exam: The candidates should ensure that they are not taking a break in between the exam for drinking water or for other activities. Every minute is precious during the exam so the candidates should not waste a single minute. The students should carry a water bottle with them. This way the candidates can manage time in the exam hall.

6. Keep the Pen in the Ready Mode: The candidates are advised to keep their pen in the ready mode so that they can use it without any interruption. Many times, it is seen that the candidates are to start the exam but the pen is not in the working condition. This is not a desirable situation. So, to avoid the wastage of the time, pen must be ready to use.

These are the tips to manage the time during the exam. There may be a case with many candidates that after spending much time in their studies, still they are not getting all the questions solved in the exam. So, the candidates should follow all these tips on time management in the exam and pass the exam with flying colours.

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