Career in Pharmacy - Opportunities During COVID19 Pendamic

The COVID19 pendamic has taken a tough call on the health of millions and pharmacist taskforce has been working hard to save life of the affected. Know the career options in the field of Pharmacy during the COVID19 era.

Created On: May 25, 2021 17:09 IST
Pharmacy and COVID19
Pharmacy and COVID19

Career in Pharmacy: While the COVID19 pendamic has created havoc on the human lives, the healthcare sector is facing big time challenge of treating rapidly increasing number of patients with limited resources available in the country. Amid this hullabaloo, doctors and pharmacists have come to the rescue of patients who have no where to go for seeking advice related to the usage of medical drugs and equipment.

It is at the disposal of healthcare professionals that COVID19 affected patients are able to fight the pendamic. In this article we talk about the bright career opportunities offered in the domain of pharmacy especially during the COVID19 era:-

Career Options for Pharmacists   

While a Pharmacist job is to ensure that right medicine and medical aid reaches to the patients especially during the COVID19 wave, they can further their career with opportunities such as:-

Drug research and development,


Clinical trials,

Retail Set-up,



Community pharmacy,

Pharmaceutical sales and marketing,

Industrial pharmacy and production,
Regulatory affairs,

Health data analysis, and

Medical writing

In addition to the array of opportunities being mentioned above, the field of pharmacy holds strategic importance for strengthening the the healthcare sector of the nation. Services such as new drug research, new drug approvals, vaccine research, antibodies research are being actively tested by the pharmacists. In order to fight with the deadly COVID19 mutant, pharmacists have invested their life in community-based services to help fight the pandemic.

Scope of Pharmacy

Pharmacy graduates can pursue several career opportunities however, the growth seen in the options mentioned as under has been unprecedented especially during the COVID19 era. Candidates can pursue courses such as:- 

Medicine Production (offered by NMIMS)

Medicine Quality control (offered by NMIMS)

Industrial pharmacy - With hospitals infrastructure collapsing due to rapidly increasing COVID19 cases, a continuous supply of affordable medical equipment has become the need of the hour for the common man. Industrial pharmacist can aid a common man in meeting the needs of diagnostic kits, sanitizers, vaccines, medicines, medical devices such as thermometers, and oximeters among other necessities. 

Testing Labs - Pharmacy graduate can opt to work in government testing labs that conduct testing of newly proposed vaccines or therapies.

Pharmaceuticals Marketing - Another interactive and crucial area where pharmacists acts as a backbone of healthcare industry. Pharmacists are responsible for distribution and sale of medicines and vaccines.

Medicine/Vaccine Development - Career in pharmacy offers an opportunity to design, development, and marketing of medical devices to the aspirant.

Regulatory Department - A pharmacy graduate is indispensable for the regulatory department of drug manufacturing facilities where approval of novel treatments is required with the backing of data and analysis.

Hospital Pharmacy - Yet another essential part of healthcare management that requires round-the-clock supply of essential medicines is hospital pharmacy.  

Pharmacovigilance - A pharmacy graduate can opt to work in this field as well which involves studying of drug interaction monitoring, documentation, and reporting of adverse events to the doctors and practitioners especially to the doctors involved in treating the COVID19 patients.

Why Community Pharmacy holds Importance?

While pharmacists are involved at all the levels in facilitating the apt medical aids for the patients, it cannot be ignored that the role of counselling is important to de-stress the anxious patients affected with COVID19. Community services during the 2nd wave and the possible 3rd wave which is expected in sometime will ease out the affected and unaffected people to maintain calm and act smarty to deal with the medical emergency situation.  

Community Pharmacy will undertake counseling and educating the public about the measures to prevent COVID19 and other related diseases that are coming as an after-effect during post-recovery period. It would also providing information about the drugs that should be take and avoid self-guided medication among the public that can be fatal for them.

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