CBSE Class 10 Tips to Solve English Unseen Passage Quickly and Correctly in Term 2 Exam 2022

Check the most useful tip to solve the English unseen passages correctly and quickly in the upcoming CBSE Class 10 Term 2 Exam 2022.

CBSE Class 10 English Tips to Solve Unseen Passage
CBSE Class 10 English Tips to Solve Unseen Passage

In CBSE Class 10, questions based on an unseen passage form a prominent part of the English question paper. The first section of the paper consists of such passage based questions that can be the most scoring part if attempted judiciously. Here are a few expert tips to solve an unseen passage correctly and score full marks in it

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CBSE Board Exam 2022: How to solve unseen passage in Class 10 English?

An unseen passage is usually given to test a few critical skills in a student like reading, conceptual understanding, decoding, inference, vocabulary, etc. Some very useful tips to answer unseen passage questions are as follows:

1. Read the questions first: Before you read the given passage, read all the questions that follow. It would give you an idea of what you have to read for in the given passage.

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2. Understand the questions: Read the questions carefully and underline the keywords in them and then look for the same keywords in the passage while reading it.

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3. Read the passage with questions in mind: Once you have read the questions properly, read the passage quickly and look for the answers to your questions. When you find an answer in the passage mark it with a pencil on the question paper.

4. Locate answers with the help of keywords: It's best to locate answers using keywords as it would help you right the complete and best possible answers for full marks.

5. Understand the passage instead of translating: Do not try to read every word of the passage to know its Hindi meaning. Just read the passage to get a general idea of it.

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6. Read the questions again after reading the passage: Once you are done with the passage reading, now read each question again and check the part of the passage where you pointed out the relevant keyword (s). This will help you answer the questions easily and correctly.

7. For synonyms, read the referred paragraph once again: If you do not know the meaning of the given word to which the synonym is asked, read the referred paragraph carefully and try to understand what the lines are trying to convey. This would help you decode the meaning of the word and find its synonym.

8. Solve unseen passages from previous years' papers and sample papers: Solving many unseen passages will make you acquainted with the kind of questions asked in exams. Moreover, practicing with different types of passages will help in building up your confidence and make you well prepared to answer the unseen passage based questions correctly.

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