CBSE Class 10 New Pattern for Board Exam 2020: Check Latest Evaluation Scheme for All Subjects

Latest examination pattern for all subjects of class 10 is discussed here with mentioning all major changes introduced in 2019-20.

CBSE Class 10 Exam Pattern 2020
CBSE Class 10 Exam Pattern 2020

CBSE Class 10 Board Exam for all major subjects will be conducted in February-March 2020. As the exams are nearing, the pressure of preparation among students is increasing day by day. This is the time when students should practice in all subjects and work on their weak areas. They should be aware of all the details and facts related to the examination so that they do not have to face any problem while writing the exam. One of the most important things which students should be clear about is the examination pattern knowing which they can prepare in the right way and deliver their best performance at the time of examination.

Here, we will discuss the examination pattern of all subjects of CBSE Class 10 in detail along with the question paper format, marking scheme and components of internal assessment.

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This year CBSE Class 10 Exam will start from 15th February. Exams of most of the vocational subjects will be conducted in February. One of the major changes in the CBSE Class 10 Date Sheet 2020 is that examinations of two major subjects- English and Hindi will be held in the month of February itself. So, students will have to make their preparations according to the examination time table to finish their revisions before the exam. 

CBSE Examination Dates for Main Subjects of Class 10 are:

CBSE Class 10 English (Language & Literature) Exam – February 26, 2020

CBSE Class 10 Hindi A and Hindi B Exam – February 29, 2020

CBSE Class 10 Science Theory and Practical ExamMarch 04, 2020

CBSE Class 10 Standard and Basic Mathematics Exam – March 12, 2020

CBSE Class 10 Social Science Exam – March 18, 2020

Check the Complete Date Sheet of CBSE Class 10 Board Exam 2020 here

In CBSE Class 10th, examination of each subject is conducted for total 100 marks which comprises of two parts:

(i) Annual Board Examination: 80 Marks

(ii) Internal Assessment: 20 Marks

Overall 33% marks enough to pass in each subject

Students of CBSE Class 10 don’t need to secure 33% marks separately in board exams and internal assessments. They have to obtain an overall 33% marks in each subject (both internal assessment and board examination taken together) in order to pass the exam.

CBSE Class 10 Internal Assessment (IA) Evaluation Scheme

Marks of internal assessment will be allotted on the basis of different activities conducted for continuous evaluations of a student. These activities and their weightage are as follows:

  • *Periodic Tests (PT) - 10 marks each
  • Notebook Submission - 5 marks
  • Subject Enrichment Activities - 5 marks

*In case of periodic test, average of best two tests (out of three conducted in the whole session) would be taken for the final marks submission.

CBSE Class 10 Subject-wise Examination Pattern for Board Exam 2020 can be checked from the following links:

CBSE Class 10 Maths Exam 2020

Examination Pattern

CBSE Class 10 Science Exam 2020

Examination Pattern

CBSE Class 10 Social Science Exam 2020

Examination Pattern

CBSE Class 10 English (Language & Literature) Exam 2020

Examination Pattern

CBSE Class 10 Hindi A Exam 2020

Examination Pattern

CBSE Class 10 Hindi B Exam 2020

Examination Pattern

Below we will discuss some modifications in the question paper format introduced by CBSE which are common to all the subjects of Class 10. These modifications are generally done to increase the learning engagement among students and reduce the stress of writing the board examination.

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CBSE Class 10 Science Important MCQs for Board Exam 2020

CBSE Class 10 Maths Important MCQs for Board Exam 2020

Objective type questions have been increased in all subjects

According to the new examination pattern, CBSE has introduced 25% objective type questions in all subjects in Class 10 Board Exam 2020. Thus, out of 80 marks, 20 marks have been assigned to the objective type questions which will include MCQs, fill in the blanks, one word answer type questions, etc. This will definitely reduce the burden of writing a lengthy paper thereby helping students score well in the exam.

More questions in paper will have internal choice

CBSE has introduced more number of internal choices in question papers of all subjects. There will 33% internal choice in all the sections of the question paper. This will help students choose a question which they are more confident about. Thus, this will definitely help them enhance their marks in the CBSE Board Exam 2020.

Students should also check the following link to get the latest CBSE Sample Papers to know the details of new format of question papers and marking schemes for CBSE Class 10 Board Exam 2020:

CBSE Class 10 Sample Papers of All Subjects for Board Exam 2020

So, with all these changes and updates in the CBSE examination pattern, board will organise the CBSE Class 10 Exam between February 15 and March 20 this year. Students should prepare a strategy for their exams according to the new pattern only. They should plan their revisions according to the same so that they can secure high marks in their Class 10 Board Exam 2020.

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