CBSE Class 10 Social Science Board Exam 2020: Important Questions & Answers - Economics (Chapter 1: Development)

If you are appearing for CBSE Class 10th Social Science Board Exam 2020, check this article for important questions and answers from chapter 1 of Economics Textbook.


Important Questions & Answers - Economics (Chapter 1)
Important Questions & Answers - Economics (Chapter 1)

CBSE is conducting the class 10th Social Science Exam on 18th March 2020. The social science syllabus has 4 branch subjects: History, Civics, Geography, and Economics. Students appearing for the exam should prepare each subject well as questions are asked from all the subjects. For revision of economics subject, students can go through this article for important questions and answers of Chapter 1 -Development from Economics textbook. 

Ques 1 Wind energy received in abundance in western Rajasthan and Gujrat has not been so far utilised and developed to the maximum. It falls in which category of resources? 1

Ans: Potential Resources.

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Ques 2 Mohit is 28 years of age, has 65 kg of body weight and is 1.4 meters tall. Calculate his BMI. Find out whether he is under nourished or over weight. Why?

Ans: His BMI is 33.16

He is over weight Because his BMI is more than 25

Ques 3‘Sustainable Development is a crucial step for the development of a country’. Explain with 3 suitable examples

Ans: Sustainable development is crucial for development of a country as it:

  1. Promotes use of renewable resources like solar energy, tidal energy, etc
  2. Puts a check on over usage of resources
  3. Promotes protection and conservation of resources for future generation

Ques 4 Which of the following statement defines Sustainable Development? A. Sustainable use of natural resources without considering the need of the future generation.

  1. Present generation fulfils its needs while considering the needs of the future generation as well.
  2. It means utilization of natural resources by the past, present and forthcoming future generation.
  3. To meets the needs of the future generations even if the needs of the present generation go unmet.

Ans: B. Present generation fulfils its needs while considering the needs of the future generation as well.

Ques 5 One of the best ways to reduce over usage of ground water is ____________________________.

Ans: Implementation of stringent policies to control misuse of water

Ques 6 The number of deaths of children less than one year of age per 1000 live births is referred as ______________.

Ans: Infant mortality rate (IMR)

Ques 7 The total number of children of age group 14 and 15 years attending school as a percentage of total number of children in the same age group is referred as __________________________.

Ans: Net Attendance Ratio

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Ques 8 . Which of the following neighbouring countries has better performance in terms of human development than India?

(i) Bangladesh

(ii) Sri Lanka

(iii) Nepal

(iv) Pakistan

Ans: (ii) Sri Lanka

Ques 9 What is the main criterion used by the World Bank in classifying different countries? What are the limitations of this criterion, if any?

Ans: The main criterion used by the World Bank to classify different countries is through the per capita income or average income of a person in a country.

Limitations of this criterion:

This criteria does not inform about how the average income is distributed among the people in the individual countries. Two countries with the same per capita income might be very different with regard to income distribution. It is possible that one might have equitable distribution of income while the other might have great disparities between the rich and the poor.

Ques 10 Why is the issue of sustainability important for development?

Ans: The issue of sustainability is important for development because development must be in tandem with the future. If natural resources are not sustained, then development will stagnate after a point of time. Exploiting resources unethically will ultimately undo the development that a country may have achieved. This is because in the future, those resources will not be available for further progress.

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