CBSE Board Exam 2020: Check New Marking Scheme & Sample Paper for 12th Political Science

CBSE Board Exam 2020 for Class 12 Political Science is scheduled to be held in March 2020. Check latest Marking Scheme (& Sample Paper) for Class 12 Political Science, issued by the Central Board of Secondary Education for the preparation of upcoming CBSE Political Science Board Exams 2020.

CBSE Board Exam 2020
CBSE Board Exam 2020

Check CBSE 12th Marking Scheme 2020 for Class 12 Political Science (along with Sample Paper). The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has recently released the Marking Scheme & Sample Paper for Class 12 Political Science subject. With the help of this Sample Paper and Marking Scheme, students can easily understand the new exam pattern of Class 12 Political Science Paper. 

After going through this Sample Paper & Marking Scheme of Political Science subject, students can easily understand the latest exam pattern & the level of questions which can be asked in CBSE Class 12 Political Science Board Exam 2020.

Latest CBSE Class 12 Political Science Syllabus 

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Content from CBSE Class 12 Political Science Sample Paper & Marking Scheme:

Section - A

Q1: Complete the following in a meaningful way: What are safety nets?


Safety nets are made to protect nations and are for minimising the negative effects of globalisation on those who are economically weak. [1]


In 1945 the Allied forces included the US_____ USSR and____.


UK, France. [1]

Q2: Which event in 1989 led to the unification of Germany?


Fall of the Berlin Wall.  [1]

Q3. Correct the statement and rewrite:

The first world was the communist countries and the third world was the capitalist countries.


The first world was Capitalist countries and the Third world was Developing countries. [1]

Q4. Name any two founder leaders of NAM?______________.


Sukarno Tito Jawaharlal Nehru, Nasser and Nkrumah. (any two) [1]

Q5. Which state was carved out of Assam from the following

i. Meghalaya

ii. Sikkim

iii. Manipur

iv. Tripura


(i) Meghalaya [1]

Q6. What was the main purpose of launching Operation Enduring freedom?


The main purpose of Operation Enduring freedom-2001 was to punish all those behind 9/11 attack, mainly Al Qaeda and the Taliban regime. [1]

Q7. The strategy of staying as far removed from the dominant power as possible is also known as ________.


Hide Strategy [1]

Q8. Informal, non-confrontationist and cooperative interaction among members of SouthEast Asian Nations is also called ________.


ASEAN way. [1]

Q9. Identify the country where the Monarch worked to weed out militants and guerrillas from north-eastern India that operated in his country with a view to help India.


Bhutan. [1]

Q10. Which of the following countries had an issue related to the migration of Rohingyas?

(a) Nepal

(b) Bhutan

(c) Myanmar

(d) China


Myanmar. [1]

Q11. Complete the sentence

The Rio Summit recommended a list of development practices called _______.


Agenda 21. [1]




For complete sample paper and marking scheme, download PDFs from the links given below

Download CBSE Class 12 Political Science Sample Paper 2020

Download (Answers or) CBSE Class 12 Political Science Marking Scheme 2020


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