CAT 2016: Meet the Top Scorers and Learn their Secret Success Mantras

CAT Exam is one of the most coveted and difficult management entrance tests. Meet the CAT 2016 toppers and find out their success mantra at MBA section of

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CAT 2016Toppers
CAT 2016Toppers

CAT is one of the most popular and important management entrance exams in the country. It's quite common to witness students start their preparation for the CAT entrance almost about a year before. However, when the D-Day approaches closer a lot of MBA aspirants feel nervous or anxious about their preparation. Qualifying the CAT with flying colours helps students come one step closer to admission in their dream campus of the Indian Institute of Management or IIMs, the top b-schools in the country.

Often candidates are worried about having missed out on some important topic or just simply nervous with regards to their preparation. They need to be relaxed and remain focused on revising all the important concepts. And to help them we have compiled some of the success mantras from the CAT 2016 toppers. Each candidate has their own preparation strategy, read here what the CAT 2016 toppers have to say and pick the preparation strategy or a combination of them and set your focus and efforts on nailing the CAT exam yourself this year.

Mukesh Goyal: Chandigarh

Mukesh Goyal Chandigarh

Chandigarh has given us a number of CAT toppers over the years and this is the fourth time that a management aspirant from Chandigarh has secured the first place in the CAT exam. Mukesh Goyal is working professional currently employed in Gurugram and has been managing both his work and his studies. According to him, it was the persistence, continuous practice and motivation that made a difference for him. Even though his busy schedule, Mukesh ensured that he took as many mock tests as possible during the weekends and analyse them to understand the areas that turned out to be his strengths and sections of improvement.

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“Stay Motivated and Practice Continuously”


Gorla Vineeth: Chennai

Gorla Vineeth Chennai

With 99.99 percentile in CAT 2016, this IITian has taken forward the tradition of engineers being at of the of the elite list of CAT Toppers. The distribution of scores in different sections has been responsible for affecting this candidate’s score and bringing it down to 99.99 percentile. He says that he has been preparing himself through rigorous practice and concept evaluation for 100 percentile but he ended up putting in too much time on a single question. This is the reason why he missed attaining the perfect 100 percentile in the CAT 2016. He suggests that in addition to regular practice and learning shortcuts, it is also important for the candidates to learn to manage time effectively.

“Time management, concept evaluation and tricks is all what it takes to be a top scorer”

Avidipto Chakraborty: Kolkata

Avidipto Chakraborty Kolkata

Another 100-percentile scorer, who hails from the city filled with sweetness made it clear that it takes only dedication to surpass all the obstacles. Avidipto swept the CAT entrance exam in his very first attempt with a perfect 100 percentile. With the dream of being an entrepreneur, this BITS-Pilani student seems to have it all. Even before his big achievement in CAT entrance exam, he had an offer from McKinsey & Company and he might go for deferred admission policy in order to continue with his dream. Avidipto has been making the best of his weekends and under his self-study schedule, he used the two days to solve mock papers. He says that solving 86 mock tests as a part of his preparation strategy helped him gain confidence and also gave him a better understanding of the CAT exam format.

“ Pledge for self-study and take mock tests to gain confidence for the D-day”

So, as you can make out, all the three toppers consider mock tests to play an integral role in preparing one for the entrance exam. In order to secure admission to one of the IIMs, it is important that you stick to your schedule, manage time, practice and give it your best. As the toppers say, it is all in your hands and you can make yourself a winner by staying motivated. We suggest that you take your gear out and get ready to enrol yourself in one of the top B-schools of India by integrating the approach followed by the toppers.

Good Luck!

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