GK Quiz for MBA | November 26 to December 02

General Knowledge for MBA aspirants is essential these days to crack in exams such as IIFT, XAT, SNAP, MAT etc. Test your General Awareness at jagranjosh.com for the week November 26 to December 02.

Created On: Dec 2, 2016 11:46 IST

1. Who among the following has been appointed as the Delhi Chief Secretary?

a) K. K. Sharma

b) M. M. Kutty

c) A K Bhatt

d) None of the above

Answer: Option B

2. Which bollywood movie has been invited by the Movses Abelian, Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations for a special screening?





Answer: Option A

3. Which country has won Davis Cup tennis title in Zagreb, Croatia on November 28, 2016?

a) Croatia

b) Argentina

c) Brazil

d) None of the above

Answer: Option B

4. Who has been appointed as the new President of Hockey India recently?

a) Mr. Rajinder Singh

b) Mariamma Koshy

c) Mr. Md. Mushtaque Ahmad

d) Mr. Tapan Das

Answer: Option B

5. Which Indian state will host a 3-day long ‘Judima Festival’ in the next month?

a) Mizoram

b) Arunachal Pradesh

c) Assam

d) Tripura

Answer: Option C

6. When is Constitution Day celebrated in India to spread awareness about Indian Constitution?

a) 30th November

b) 25th November

c) 26th November

d) 28th November

Answer: Option C

7. Who is the head of the committee that will expedite the process of transforming India into a cashless economy?

a)  Amitabh Kant

b)  Narendra Modi

c)  Arun Jaitley

d)  Amit Shah

Answer: Option A

8.  Who has topped Fortune’s Businessperson of the Year list in the year 2016?

a)  Ajay Banga

b)  Satya Nadella

c)  Jeff Bezos

d)  Mark Zuckerberg

Answer: Option D

9. How many new special economic zones (SEZs) IT and biotechnology have been approved across Telangana, Haryana and Karnataka?

a) 10

b) 15

c) 6

d) 8

Answer: Option C

10. In which India state, first and Asia’s longest bicycle highway has been inaugurated?

a) Madhya Pradesh

b) Uttar Pradesh

c) Kerala

d) Rajasthan

Answer: Option B

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