How to Crack MAT September 2013: Tips and Strategies

Upcoming Management Aptitude Test (MAT) will be held in September 2013. Find here tips and strategies to score well in MAT Examination. Read for more details.

MAT entrance Exam for September 2013 is scheduled for 1 September 2013. It adjudges a candidates’ on the following crucial areas:

1. Mathematics
2. English (Reading and comprehension Skills, Vocabulary).
3. Data Interpretation
4. Logical Thinking
5. General Knowledge
6. Speed & Accuracy

Of these six factors, the most important factor which affects a Candidates’ performance in the MAT examination is the speed as candidates are required to solve 200 questions, including mathematical problems, in duration of 150 minutes, which means that they are getting less than a minute for each problem. So, candidates should pre-decide on the time to solve each section and stick to it to finish the paper on time.  

Besides, avoid wasting time on solving those questions which you are not confident with or which take time. Rather attempt those questions first, which are less time consuming and in which you are confident.  

Follow the principle ‘Practice makes a man perfect’ to improve your speed and accuracy. Practice with mock test papers as much as you can.

Click here for MAT Practice sets

English is another major / crucial area for candidates, mostly for students from semi-urban and rural areas of the country. Having said that it can also be a high scoring section for many. By saying English, we just don’t mean grammar, but also vocabulary. To improve their vocabulary, candidates should mark at least 10 difficult English words that they come across and jot it down in their diary daily and try to use them as and when possible.

To crack the English section, a candidate should practice grammar questions including, synonyms and antonyms, match the list, idioms, one word for many and fill in the blanks. To improve the grammar, they should read various grammar books and solve questions given in them.

Also, candidates should inculcate reading habit to score more in RC passage section. For this, they can start with reading Newspaper preferably English paper. Candidates should read not only those sections which interest them, but also those sections, which they don’t enjoy reading like the editorial, world page, science etc. After reading the passage, try to summarize the article like, what the author wants to convey, what is the take away from the article etc. Apart from Newspaper candidates should also read novels / magazines.

Read as much as you can. It is one of the best ways to score good in the English section.

Click here for Vocabulary List

For mathematics section, candidates should focus on understanding the basic concepts. If you are clear with the concept and have all the formulas at your finger tip, you will be able to solve the most difficult problems with ease. As the test contains the basics of all mathematical topics, try to practice problems on all the topics for MAT. Candidates can develop their own short cuts for solving various problems. Besides, regular practice will make them strong in mental calculations and this will prove very useful to score speedily.

Candidates should also work towards improving their logical thought process. For this, just don’t try to solve a problem mechanically, rather analyze it for as why that happened, what is the other approach. What went wrong etc. Once a candidate develops the habit of logically analyzing every problem, he / she will be able to solve the problem quickly & accurately.  

All the Best for September 2013 MAT exam!!

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