How to deal with social media trolls?

Social media trolls can be quite troubling for many college students. Here's how you can deal with them.

Created On: Apr 6, 2020 19:01 IST
How to deal with social media trolls
How to deal with social media trolls

Social Media with all its diverse platforms has become an integral part of the life of a college student. There are various reasons for which the youngsters of today flock to these networking sites in large numbers. But where social media holds a lot of benefits for them, it also has some major drawbacks that cannot be overlooked. For example, if you have a social media presence and are a fairly active user you cannot avoid being trolled. It will happen sooner or later.

Trolls are an indispensible part of social media environment. One cannot avoid them for long. But sometimes, these trolls can lead to unwanted situations. Not everyone takes positively to being joked about in public. Sometimes it hurts a person really bad. There have been various instances where youngsters have been seen to suffer badly for they couldn't bear the embarrassment.

Why Do People Troll on Social Media?

Most people troll just for the fun. A lot others are seeking attention. Trolls on a large basis are mostly concentrated on big brands and famous personalities. However, it doesn't mean that they only happen with them, those are the trolls that get noticed and covered widely on news. The fact is that anyone can be trolled by anyone. The worrying thought is that a lot of young college students have caught up with the trend and are trolling their friends and fellow students. The issue arises when the person being trolled takes the post as an embarrassment and is unable to cope with it. Thus leading to more worse scenarios such as students falling prey to depression or suffering a heavy blow to their self-esteem. Such cases, highlight the need to making young students aware of the methods of how to deal with internet trolls. Discussed below are some helpful tips for the same. 

How Can you avoid being trolled?

Ignore Them

One of the best ways to deal with the trolls is to avoid them. Remember that the people who troll you have but one objective in mind to seek your attention. Most times if not all, they are betting on the chance to get you angry, frustrated and uncomfortable. Sure, there will be times when ignoring a troll will be very difficult, but you must understand that no matter how hard it may be, it's the best approach. Engaging with a troll, is like nothing but willing walking into a trap. And chances are that if they don't get a response they will most likely go away after a few unsuccessful attempts.  

Are you really being trolled

Before you go on to take any sort of action on the said post, make sure that you are really being trolled. In a great many instances it has been seen that youngsters often mistake a constructive criticism for trolls. Not everyone takes to critique well, even if it is meant with a positive thought in mind. Youngster often take impulsive decisions make sure that you are not committing the same mistake. Sit back for a moment and take a deep breath and think clearly to ensure that you are not being overly sensitive and reacting in a hyper manner because of some personal history with the person. This comes only with experience and an understanding of the online community you are exposed to. Sometimes, it is fine to give someone the benefit of doubt before taking any action against them.

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Focus your energy on more important matters

Once you have decided to ignore the trolls, you need to divert your mind from that and focus it elsewhere. Because if you have nothing else to think about you will keep going back to the troll and will eventually engage with them. This could go either ways, you might be able to best the person trolling you or you could risk falling deeper into the hole. And You hold to lose a lot shall the latter course of action takes place. Focus your energy on building your own strong community, if you have loyal army of followers, trolls won't do you much harm for your followers will support you no matter what.             

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In Summation

Social media websites are taking a lot of steps and measures to control the trolls on their platforms. But given the vast network of people they have on their platforms it is unreasonable to expect them to put an end to trolls completely. Youngsters themselves have to be careful and have a watchful eye when it comes using to social media. For more such articles about college life and stress handling tips for college students, you can visit You can also subscribe to our newsletter through the link given below to get such helpful updates about college life directly in your inbox.

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