MBA Quantitative Aptitude Aptitude Questions & Answers – Geometry Set-I

Practice the concepts of Geometry at MBA section of to ace the Data Interpretation section. Prepare well for your CAT, CMAT, MAT, XAT, IIFT, SNAP etc exams.

Questions on Geometry are often seen in the CAT Exam and it should also be noted that Geometry and Mensuration hold similar weightage. As per the previous year paper analysis, 98% questions from geometry section were based on the simple geometrical formulas. So the good news is, if you are well-versed with the geometrical formulas then your percentile would only soar high.
So, practice the question on Geometry in order to get a good percentile in your targeted management exam.

1. A park is in shape of a circle. A man crossed the park across its diameter AB. What percentage of distance is saved by not walking along the circumference?

a) 31.4 %

b) 11.4 %

c) 57%

d) None of these

2. There was a rectangular in which two walls were erected parallel to its breadth to make three square rooms. If the diagonal of the room is 4m, find the area of the rectangular hall.

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3. A pole of length 8.5 feet was resting against a wall with its foot at a distance of 1.3 feet from the base of the wall. Due to a hit, the top of the pole slipped by 0.7 feet. By how much would its foot slip away from the wall?

a) 1.2 feet

b) 0.8 feet

c) 0.7 feet

d) 2.3 feet


a) 20°

b) 30°

c) 40°

d) 50°

5. A circular pizza of radius 15 cm is to be shared by 6 people consisting of 4 children and 2 adults. Pizza is divided equally for individual child and similarly for adults the area of the piece given to adults is 82.5 cm2. Find the angle contained by pizza slice of child.

(a) 69°

(b) 46°

(c) 83°

(d) 38°

6. The area of a circle having radius r is equal to that of a right triangle given that the base of the triangle is 4 times the radius. Find the ratio of altitude of triangle to the radius of circle.

7. A definite length of wire is used to make a square, an equilateral triangle and a circle such that their areas are equal. Which of the following will have a maximum wire leftover?

a) Triangle

b) Circle

c) Square

d) Equal for all

8. A circular frame is formed of a wire having circumference 48 cm. This frame is bent to form regular star shape with a number of pointed vertices. If angle of each vertex is 60ᵒ, what will be the length of one edge of the star?

a) 6cm

b) 8cm

c) 4 cm

d) 2.5 cm




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In this section we will explain the rationale for choosing the answer pertaining to every question. After practicing these MCQ(s), you would be able to understand the concepts of Geometry.

Explanation (1):

Explanation (2):

Explanation (3):

Explanation (4):

Explanation (5):

Explanation (6):

Explanation (7):

Explanation (8):

Explanation (9):

Explanation (10):

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