NABARD Asst. Manager Exam 2016 : Interview Experience of Sourin Saha (Roll No 2453131098)

The interview was scheduled from 8:30 am and I reached the venue from my hotel near CST Terminus at 8 am. After checking in, we were given visitors’ identity cards and were taken for document verification. We followed the NABARD official and reached the document verification venue and were asked to arrange our documents according to the list pasted in front of us.

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NABARD advertised for the post of assistant manager in April 2016 for 100 posts all over India and the process of recruitment started with the preliminary examination on 15th May 2016 and after that, the all important mains examination on 12th June 2016. Well, the interviews started from 22nd August 2016 in Delhi and the next round in Mumbai from 02nd September 2016. After clearing the prelims (132 marks) and mains examination (132.25 marks), I was asked by NABARD to appear in the interview on 21st September 2016, just one day before my birthday, in Mumbai.

Something about my profiles

Name: Sourin Saha


Secondary Exam (RKM Boys’ Home High School, Rahara, West Bengal, 97 percent)

10+2 (RKM Boys’ Home High School, Rahara, 89 percent)

BA (English Honors) (Calcutta University, 54 percent)

MA (English) (Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages, Hyderabad, 68 percent)

Work Experience: Worked in State Bank of India as an assistant and presently working in Bank of Baroda as an officer. Meanwhile, worked as an Academic Associate at T.I.M.E Institute, Hyderabad.

Interview Experience

The interview was scheduled from 8:30 am and I reached the venue from my hotel near CST Terminus at 8 am. After checking in, we were given visitors’ identity cards and were taken for document verification. We followed the NABARD official and reached the document verification venue and were asked to arrange our documents according to the list pasted in front of us. All of us got down finishing it and after that, document verification started. It almost went smoothly for most of us. We were asked to go for breakfast and after that, the interview started. I was 10th in the list and was made to wait for around one and a half hour before I was given the chance to enter that hallowed room J  

Here’s how it went:

The panel was of 6 members and all of them had my bio-data in tablets in front of them. One of the members was a senior lady as is the norm with any interview.

M1: Umh, so, SBI, BOB and now NABARD?

Me: Yes, sir

M2: So, you are posted at Ballarpur. There is a famous industry there

Me: Yes, sir, there is a paper mill named BGPPL Limited and it is famous all over India. Apart from that, there is a power station in Chandrapur which is the nearby district place.

M3: Okay, we have something for you. Take a look at the video, it is related to BGPPL Industries and then we shall discuss about it.

(One of the members started the video on the projector. It was something about a project regarding production of paper at Koraput District in Odisha and the involvement of BGPPL in that project. It showed the benefits the farmers enjoyed by tying up with the company there as it helped in development of inter-cropping as well in the area thereby making farmers richer).

M3: Okay, so, tell us what you saw in the video and the good thing you noticed in that.

Me: Sir, the first thing I would like to mention is the way marketing is carried out by the company in the area of the raw products. This is a huge problem in India since farmers often have to resort to middlemen and end up getting very less for what they grow. But, here BGPPL has taken care of that as it procures the material directly from the farmers and gives them money for that. This is beneficial for both the company and the farmers as there is no middleman involved.

M4: Okay, that is a valid point you made. Why is there so much issue about marketing of agricultural produces?

Me: Sir, we do not have sufficient storage facility in the country and because of that, farmers often have to sell their products at low prices and incur losses in the process. Next thing is, farmers often cannot go to the market directly and therefore, they have to give the produces to some middlemen who make a very healthy margin by paying less to the farmers and getting more from the consumers.

M5: Okay, tell me what is inter-cropping? You saw it in the video

Me: Sir, it is a process of producing two or more crops in a limited piece of land so that land can be utilized properly and farmers also get more money from their produces.

M1: Anything else regarding this?

Me: Sir, I am not very sure about this but it may have something to do with soil fertility and that is why, scientists also suggest farmers to go for this kind of cropping pattern.

M3: How is it actually beneficial for soil?

Me: Sorry sir, I don’t know

Lady Interviewer: Okay, Sourin, tell me about raw materials used for production of paper and how is it actually produced

Me: Ma’am, I saw eucalyptus is used and bamboo is also used but I don’t know the actual process in which it is produced.

Lady: Okay fine, tell me which kind of bamboo is good for paper production

Me: Sorry ma’am, I don’t know.

M4: Okay, tell me, you are the branch manager of a rural branch and a farmer comes to you for loan for eucalyptus farming in his 5 acres land. Will you give him loan and if yes, how much?

Me: Sir, I will ask for his land documents first and then go through the list fixed by the lead bank in the area for the actual amount that can be financed. I will also try to check the history of farming in the land in the recent years.

M4: You will say all these to the farmer and he will run away and will never dare to come to you and you will miss an opportunity to help a needy person in the process. What about that?

Me: Sir, I won’t say all these things to him. For him, it is only the land document that he has to bring, other things I will take care of with assistance from my branch staff.

M1: Okay, have you ever been to the Paper Mill in your area? I heard you need permission for that. Is your branch situated in the mill itself or outside? Do you people have any tie-up with Paper Mill as a bank?

Me: Sir, I have never been to the Mill and yes, we have to take permission from the Paper Mill authorities in order to go inside and sir, our branch is outside the paper mill. However, we have another branch inside the mill premises to cater to the demand and requirements of the mill authorities and employees. As a bank, we do not have any special tie-up with BGPPL but yes, we have accounts of the Mill with us.

Lady: Okay, tell me about the problem of malnutrition in Maharashtra. Government has so many schemes but still malnutrition rate is so high in our country. Why so?

Me: Ma’am, we have schemes such as MDM, ICDS etc for tackling this but the problem is the implementation at the grassroots level. Well, parents have to made aware as well regarding food habits and it is…

Lady: Only parents are responsible?

Me: No ma’am, not only parents but they are also responsible. School can provide food or government can arrange for it but parents are the ultimate caretakers of a child. They have to be aware of the ill effects of malnutrition and then only, it may be possible to achieve something better in this regard.

M1: Okay Sourin, thank you and wish you all the best for the results

That is it. It was kind of new for me with videos shown and questions asked on that. But, I enjoyed the whole thing. It felt like they also want to test your ability to grasp things quickly and how quick a learner you are. It seemed a new and innovative approach to choose the right man for the right job.

Fingers crossed for the final results!!

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