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True picture of Reservation in IIMs
True picture of Reservation in IIMs

The aspect of reservations is not limited to the government offices or job opportunities; instead it has been introduced in the field of education as well. The main scope of reservation in the field of education is to provide the students belonging to SC/ST, with an opportunity where they can overcome their poor status and compete parallel to other students. On the contrary, it has been observed that the students are being provided with the opportunity where they are keet in the place as the cream lot of Indians- 0.0001% who can actually make it through. This unjustified reservation and proposal from the government is sure to have several negative effects on the education and the quality of pass out from such elite institutes as IIMs.

Quality of Education

IIMs are the best business schools of the country and getting into IIMs mean that you have to go through a tough screening process wherein not just clearing it is important but it is mandatory that you get the highest score. While giving an opportunity to the potential and deserving candidates, reservation also introduces certain candidates who reach the final stage just for the sake of it. This limits the number of seats that can be offered to others who are the real claimants. Furthermore, with the easy entry, several of these students are least interested in being serious about their studies and also affect the concentration and devotion of others. These institutes are known by the quality of the education that they provide and if in the first place that gets questionable, it will lead to a long-term disaster.

IIM deliberating over the provision to include SC/ST candidates in faculty

Compromising with the Results

It is not just the quality that the institutes fear losing but also the meritious list that can see some downfall. Despite of full efforts from the teachers, there is a possibility that the least interested students affect the concentration of not just their batch mates but also the faculty. This will lead to a lost interest of both students and teachers and the overall decorum of the class will be met with several challenges. The excellence of these institutes would stand diluted and the idiom that one fish can destroy the entire pond would stand true. It is therefore to be believed that through the inclusion of reservation in elite institutes can have a severe impact on the quality of education that is delivered and the quality of students that pass out from there.


Varied Cut Offs and Percentiles

The aspect of reservation also highlights the differences that are incorporated to allow the reserved classes gain admission in IIMs. There is a rapid change in the cut-off and it can be seen as an impact from reservations being made mandatory. The input from IIM Bangalore suggests the following percentile score:

IIM Bangalore overall percentage

Figure 1: Overall Percentile (Source: Quora)

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Furthermore, the scores highlighted by IIM Indore are even lower and can be observed as below:


CAT 2012 (Lowest Percentile Overall)











(Source: Self-Illustration)

On the similar lines, the minimum requirements for Stage 1 shortlisting at IIMK are:


Figure 2: Stage 1 Cut Offs (Source: Quora)

This indicates that there is much to be highlighted in context with reservation policies, as one needs to adhere to the transition being brought in by the government. The clear indication is towards the kind of students who will be able to get through the IIMs under the reservation quota.

Affected Stakeholders

It is not just the internal disturbance that would result from the reservations but there would be an external disturbance too that would be visible. The institute has a number of investors and on the visibly degrading quality of students; they would not be interested in spending their money for nothing. It has also been found that they are not too keen on investing only in India and are clear about the fact that they want talented people. In case, there is not enough talent within the country, there can be a shift in the investors’ decision and they can go hunting talent in the nearby countries like Vietnam and Bangladesh. This would further be responsible for degrading the reputation of these institutes, which are marked as temple of education on an international level.

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Misplaced Workforce

Another negative effect that the aspect of reservation would have is that the expected workforce quality would lower down significantly and it would not be easy for anyone to get a good and high paying job. The scope of improving the client base and the quality of education within the institute would be limited and therefore, the output would also be of a low quality. It is believed that the overall impact of the behavior of students coming from the reserved class would destroy the decorum and the quality students would also be affected. Thus, the big and popular companies would refrain from hiring such students and pass outs of even elite institutes. This is bound to have a significant effect on the students who are serious and deserve high profile jobs.

Through this it is easy to conclude that the process of reservation has more weightage towards the negative direction and can introduce significant changes in the institutes. It is not just about the external policies and stakeholder preferences but also about the way the students would get into trouble. Though the reservation would provide an opportunity to the deserving candidates belonging to SC/ST but at the same time it would harm the possibilities that the other students have. The fact that there can be serious and irreversible effects on the quality education is not to be ignored. Lastly, the expected workforce would also suffer an attack of mismatch in the institute and in the classes. The career of the students who stay focused throughout the education can meet trouble as good companies withdraw the opportunities with several offers of a high profile job.

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